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SEO Strategy


A successful SEO strategy has to be tailored for each client’s business. There can be no universal best practice or ‘one size fits all’ methodology. It is important to first understand the business challenges faced by the client and specific SEO challenges before embarking on the creation of the overall SEO strategy. In one case, through a combination of discussions with Client Management plus a review of their site and business landscape, we arrived at the following business and SEO challenges for Client.

  • Client desires to increase visitors and revenue from his website.
  • There is a need to enhance brand visibility and awareness especially with online purchasing B2B and/or B2C clientele.
  • The site does not have a robust blog content that’s optimized for search and thought leadership in Client’s domain.
  • It also does not have a huge backlink and social profile that can boost search engine rankings and drive referral traffic to its pages.
  • The current limited visibility is resulting in low amounts of targeted visitors from search engines.
  • Potential customers are instead finding the websites of established competitors.
  • Client do not have in-house resources that can address its current SEO/SMO and business goals:
    • Increase website and social media traffic.
    • Enhance brand to a global level.
    • Drive revenue from India & overseas.
  • Once challenges are understood, any good SEO strategy has to encompass these elements:
    • Goals – Brand Building>Thought Leadership>Traffic>Engagement>Lead Generation>Revenue
    • Target market
    • Website structure
    • Website UX
      • Usability
      • Accessability
    • On-Page optimization
    • Keyword Research
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Website Content
    • Backlinks
    • Social Signals
    • Analytics
    • Execution
    • Reporting & Metrics
  • The following information is updated on a monthly basis or as required
    • Site speed rankings for mobile and desktop
    • On-page SEO factors – Title, Meta, H1, H2, Image
    • PR, Reputation, Popularity
    • Social Signals
    • SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page) for all keywords
    • Google Analytics – Site visitors, post shares
    • Backlinks

seo strategy

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