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Social Media

social media strategy

Social Media is an effective way of reaching out to the target audience and a great and easy way to build your brand. Content is very critical for brand building and the recent Google ‘Fred’ algorithm update possibly underscores this. In the current age of internet on mobile, clients do a lot of research about the options available. They search for “keywords”, “anchor words”, “branded keywords”, “unbranded keywords”, and many other terms related to your business.

Your social media properties (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, G+)  should have this content readily available for clients when they browse  the social media channels. So, it is absolutely important to create quality and relevant content targeted towards your prospective clients.

Opteamize and Client shall jointly finalize a content strategy  starting with an editorial calendar for the duration of the project. The editorial calendar contains the list of proposed content to be created for the project with submission due dates. We recommend that clients take the content calendar seriously and ensure that good quality content keeps flowing  both into the dynamic pages and the social pages of the client sites.

Content can be created (original or in house), curated (collated from other sources) or commissioned (syndicated) from other sources.

Opteamize reviews appropriate social media channels and recommends the right approach for distribution. Opteamize also posts curated content on social media channels through its scheduling tool.

Opteamize will run targeted social media campaigns (budgeted separately), if required to improve your social signal response.

Social Media Campaign Responsiblities


  • Devise Strategy
  • Design Image & Content
  • Execute
  • Leads followup
  • Analyse & report


  • Approve Ad
  • Set Budget
  • Answer queries
  • Close leads

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