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Business Blogging For Beginners – Lesson (15)

blogging tips

What does Google like in a blog? Google likes text Google likes formatting Google likes freshness Google likes accessibility Google likes outbound hyperlinks Googlebot isn’t psychic, so remember to link your pages Google likes you to tell it where you are Google likes experts Further Reading – How to Write Better List 26 tips for […]

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Business Blogging For Beginners – Lesson (14)

blogging tools

Tools to Write Better I – Trending Topics, keyword finder and other tools. # Ideas, Topics, Tools Our Recommendations 1 Idea Generator Buzzsumo or Ubersuggest 2 Audience Mapper Tweepsmap, Followerwonk 3 Title Generator Portent or Hubspot or 4 Keyword Locator Keywordeye or Google Keyword Tool 5 Social Media LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter 6 Other Media Slideshare or […]

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Business Blogging For Beginners – Lesson (13)

tools to help you write better

How to Write Better “When I can’t write I read. When I can’t read I sleep. And when I can’t sleep I write.” – Jarod Kintz, Blogger Writing Critique Checklist Grammar Use a strong verb Junk Adverbs Avoid repetition of Pronouns Word choice Over used words or repetition Wrong word choice Clichés Writing Style Active […]

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20 Ways of Marketing to College Students

  Marketing to college students can be a highly profitable activity providing you have unearthed great techniques to influence them! Students take time to change irrespective of the quality of product you are offering them. Marketing to college students should not only be seen as a profit turnover rather it should also be taken as […]

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opTEAMize – The ‘ideyeah’ behind it

I have attempted to capture the thinking that went behind the development of opTEAMize. It started as Matching individuals within a team then pivoted to being a ‘match the team’ for IT services and the version we are going to battle with is opTEAMize. Hopefully you will know that lot of work has gone behind crafting this beautiful product and the story has just begun!

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Time to Think Value To Company (VTC) not CTC!

The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) or Employer Value Proposition as some may deem it to be lacks substance in many companies and is often a lazy attachment to the job offer letter or compensation statement negotiation discussions. Should we not spend more time discussing what we get beyond just the salary and a role?

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Cloudant. What’s great about it?

A large part of any organization and its business processes involves documents. A lot of documents. Need to hire a new team member? Do the paper work. Need to estimate and quote for that big project? Sure but juggle the mountain of bid documents first. Need to sign up that new customer for your service? […]

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