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15 Necessary Online Content Creation Tools

The experts from Opteamize list and review fifteen important content creation tools to improve your writing and content creation. Take full advantage of these content creation tools to polish your work.

2017 is here and it’s time to create some content about content creation. 

“Either write something worth reading, or do something worth writing.”   Benjamin Franklin

Do you want to become an effective content creator? 

Anybody can create content, but the quality is what differentiates a good creator from a great one. The process of creating content is like going into battle. Without the right tools (weapons), you will lose. That’s why this post exists. This is an expansion of an earlier post on our blog, Top 5 Helpful Tools for Content Writers, so there will be some overlap. 

Our experts have analyzed some of the writing, editing, and content creation tools that can enhance your content and make your job much easier. We have also listed the pros and cons of each tool, complete with links to the websites themselves. Let us begin!

15 Online Content Creation Tools

Here are the merits and demerits of 15 online content creation tools. 

1. Grammarly

  • (+) Popular and highly trusted
  • (+) Has tie-ups with other editing tools and corrects grammar for them too.
  • (+) Can spot even correctly spelled words in the wrong context
  • (-) Mandatory for the user to register

2. Spell Checker

  • (+) Easy to use
  • (+) Comes with a separate dictionary for antonyms, which is unique to the app

3. Polish My Writing

  • (+) Hosts an editing app by the name ’After the Deadline’
  • (+) Efficient in spotting punctuation and spelling errors
  • (+) Fairly popular among writers as it is user-friendly
  • (+) Doesn’t need you to register

4. Ginger Software

  • (+) Comes with a special feature which translates the text in the desired language
  • (+) Has a built dictionary which saves you valuable time
  • (-) Only those who have signed in can have access
  • (-) Difficult for those who wish to use it for a quick reference

5. White Smoke

  • (+) Spots writing errors and gives a detailed report
  • (-) Unless you sign in, you can only know the errors but can’t edit them
  • (-) This makes the job more complicated

6. Paper Rater

  • (+) User-friendly
  • (+) Registration not mandatory
  • (+) Has a special free paper grader feature which grades text content

7. Language Tool

  • (+) Similar to PaperRater and easy to use as a result of its simple layout
  • (+) Registration unnecessary
  • (+) Directs the user to Grammarly in the case of any grammatical errors

8. Garretson

  • (+) ‘Dexter’ is a tool which analyses the content of written or audio content
  • (+) Reference checker gives out details of the text along with its bibliography, making it useful for those who create academic papers
  • (-) Beginners may find it difficult to use

9. Online Correction

  • (-) The layout is good, but the user experience is not so appealing
  • (-) Names of places are marked as spelling mistakes
  • (-) Not for those who get easily frustrated

10. Spell Check Online

  • (+) Decent, simple layout
  • (+) Directs you to Grammarly each time you want to edit your work
  • (-) Not popular among writers

11. Grammar Check

  • (+) Comes with a learning kit which comprises grammar and parts of speech
  • (+) Suitable for beginners
  • (+) In the case of a grammatical error, it redirects to Grammarly

12. Plagium

  • (+) Helps in identifying plagiarised and copied content
  • (+) No need to register
  • (-) Only checks major sources
  • (-) Sometimes unable to provide a link to the original source

13. Hemingway App

  • (+) A good editing tool for fixing passive voice
  • (+) Great for eliminating run-on sentences
  • (+) Color-coded – Different errors are highlighted with different colors
  • (-) Treats all long sentences as bad

14. Plagiarism Checker

  • (+) Spots copied and identical content
  • (-) Sometimes not able to identify plagiarised text
  • (-) Provides a link to Google search of the term and not the actual source

15. Canva

  • (+) Create beautiful visual content within minutes with a huge stock of ready-to-use templates, shapes, colors, icons, illustrations, and much more
  • (+) Easy drag-and-drop design feature for a smooth experience smooth
  • (+) Great for creating images, presentations, and posts 
  • (-) Sign in required
  • (-) Premium assets charge you $1 for each

Content Creation from Opteamize

Now you know about many content creation tools that can save your time and make you a pro. Be sure to use these tools to make your content better. You should definitely give all of these websites a try and find out for yourself. 

Each site/tool has its positives and drawbacks, so mix and match for the best fit. Wishing you a polished experience hereafter.

Opteamize can show you more content creation tools and give you expert advice on improving the quality of your content. You can learn more about the content we create. Make sure you contact us if you are interested.  

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