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20 Ways of Marketing to College Students

digital marketing to college students

Truly wonderful, the mind of a college student is. Their brains are wired in a different manner from that of an adult or kid. In this post, our experts have listed many ways of marketing to college students.

Before we begin, it is important to remember that students, especially college students, take time to change irrespective of the quality of the product you are offering them. 

However, marketing to college students can be a highly profitable activity providing you have unearthed great techniques to influence them!

20 Tips for Marketing to College Students

So, let’s get started with the top 20 ways you can use marketing to promote your products and services to college students.

1 – Get Them Involved

Involving college students in the creation and development of marketing collaterals and in brand positioning may help a lot keeping in mind their likes or dislikes and in getting valuable inputs on what’s missing in products already in the market. Recruiting them as a student ambassador or business leaders fuels them to use their contacts to gather information that may help target individual students or segments. You can also hire college students as interns helping provide accurate insights into current happenings.

2 – Embrace Segmentation

If and when you are equipped with additional information about the student’s background and interests, you can create separate messaging, send relevant emails, and create landing pages or dashboards that show they are meant for students. It also helps to get a greater understanding of the competitive marketplace. Ascertain knowledge of different student needs within the same market as everybody is fighting for a slice of the same pie.

3 – Get the Product Right (Before Bragging About It)

College students may be marketer’s dream, but you should also remember it may be considered either in a positive or negative way. Since they always need new topics of conversation, if anyone likes any product or service, they will talk about it. Likewise, if they dislike it, they’ll talk about that, too.

4 – Unique/Original Content

Content used should be relevant, original, and uncommon to increment its marketing, because if the college students have seen or read it before, then it may make less sense for them to pay attention. Of course, there are some topics that are flogged to death like cricket, movies, music etc.

5 – Message in a Simple Way and Get to the Point

The best way to reach a student is to keep it short and to the point, so the idea behind it may be easily understood. All age groups demand honesty and brands that are true to them about product performance and features can have longer staying power.

6 – Micro-Targeting

You may create separate landing pages, social media accounts and use mobile apps to segment your message. Furthermore, use A/B testing and ensure you keep tweaking your messages to arrive at the best-fit focus on the target customer.

7 – Mobile Marketing

In today’s technology-run world, most college students have yet to settle down into a routine. The best way to catch them up after college is by mobile marketing. It is a strategy that may help to target a large portion of college students on the move.

8 – Engage Through Social media

Promoting in places where students have their own community, like social media marketing, may prove to be helpful in influencing them. The most popular among them is via Facebook and websites that may be frequented by students looking for help in passing exams, career options, interviews, technical forums, etc.

9 – Provide a Real Inducement

Some websites provide free job and internship posting services and exam guides to students. Others offer free interview tips and mock technical and soft skill tests. Some others offer discount coupons on their products. For example, your prime focus may be on providing better project guidance, assistance, and job placement services. Make sure that these are real incentives for them to use your product or service.

10 – “Free”

Some words that students like to hear are  “cancelled”, ‘’no test today’’ and “postponed” but the most attractive word of them all is “free”. This word creates excitement in them, whether it’s a free product trial or anything where someone can get a discount or save some money. So, throw in some freebies along the way from alliance partners like free classes, certifications, mentoring, testing period, etc.

11 – Campus Posters

The time tested ways of traditional posters and flyers can be mixed with students in cool themed t-shirts, who are in essence “walking billboards” in high-crowded areas around campuses, to create the required buzz in the undecided student minds.

12 – Humor

We all know the attention stretch for an average college student is about 30 seconds. If it is not interesting, it’s not going to make them stick on for a long time either at your website, introductory lecture, or the notice board. Funny things are always interesting for them and it makes them retell it wherever they go which results in even more signups.

13 – On and Off-Campus Tabling

It may help to formally showcase ideas and creativity in a discussion or a meeting to create a serious impact. However, you require incentives (both in terms of time and effort) to the campus ambassador and business leaders.

14 – College Kiosks and Hangouts

College students have their own hangout places at malls or coffee shops. Outdoor advertising may therefore offer you a great chance to be in high-traffic areas to reach many more students. Partnering with mobile recharge kiosks near colleges may be another option to check.

15 – Campus Event Sponsorship

Event sponsorships are a great way to show support for the work being done by students. Sponsoring an event with the help of a student organization and getting a statement of recognition by the university may create goodwill.

16 – Working With Placement Cell

You may work closely with the placement cell to offer various training programs and workshops. An IT company may choose to conduct seminars and tutorials on Cloud computing or technology. HR may try career development or could also show them ways to streamline the maintenance of student and recruiting company databases and thus play a helping role in job and intern placements.

17- Don’t Stop Their Good Time

Always remember that your marketing efforts should not clash with their good times because if it happens frequently then the students get restive and feel disinterested towards your product and it’s then an impossible task to get back their attention.

18 – Organize Fun Contests

Considering that college students often think of winning or taking part in a contest as fun, it may not take much effort to get them started an offering them opportunities to win prizes may fascinate them. Make contests interesting and grabbing their attention is always be a good approach.

19 – Limited Budget and Parent Targeting

Many students are on a limited budget which means that you need to maintain a leash on pricing. If perceived as too expensive or not enough value for the amount paid, they just may not be able to afford it. Remember, “Price too high, no one will buy. Price too low, out of business you’ll go!” Convincing students along with their parents is a potential way to target them.

20 – Class and Organization Talks

Arrange talks where students may ask questions and know more about your company and its products or services. This in return offers them insights into their future career may create more awareness among them.

Marketing to college students should not be seen as a profit turnover. Rather, it should also be taken as a moral obligation to guide them to a better tomorrow. All the best!

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Those were the 20 ways of marketing to college students. Remember that these students will shape the future, so make sure you use your skills to guide them on the path to success. We know many more tried and tested college student marketing techniques. To market your products and services to college students online through digital means and methods, look no further than Opteamize.

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