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3 Best Places to Market a College Event Online

Why should you use digital marketing for a college event online? Well, it should obvious that we are trying to reach a crowd that is constantly hooked to the internet. Use these pointers on where to get the job done.

Top 3 Places for Marketing Your College Event Online 

We talked about 20 Ways of Marketing to College Students in an earlier post. That was the ‘how’. This is the ‘where’, but with special emphasis on purely online techniques, whereas that post had a combination of both.

Without further ado, here are the three best places to market your college event online.

I – Facebook

Why Facebook? How often have you opened your Facebook page to drag down your screen to see what pops up in your feeds?

Considering the constant use of social media by the youth of this century, Facebook is the place to be to go all out in marketing your college event online. This is the place to be to get your message across be it an academic or an entertaining event, you will reach the right crowd.

Facebook is the most used social media platform and has the most daily users by far. It doesn’t just give you the opportunity to use your words, but you could add videos and creative graphic images as well.

Don’t try to downplay the Value of Video Content in Digital Marketing. You can try to post and boost videos on Facebook about the college event. Your Facebook promotion could even go over to the extent of adding reminders to those who have exhibited interest as you create events.

Go all out on Facebook! It is the place to be to get a message across and guess what?  You’ll get the right crowd you are looking for. Why not utilize it to your advantage?

Never underestimate the power of social media marketing. Social media as a whole reaches a large area of selective crowds, if not Facebook, drop a dazzling image on Instagram with a hashtag or tweet that catchy phrase on Twitter and watch it add value.

Unsure of how to make a successful Facebook campaign? We have a blog post for that. Check out 5 Tips for Running a Successful Facebook Campaign.

II – Website

Why not make use of your official website to post about your college event online? After all, isn’t it there to communicate to the masses? If you don’t have a website currently, our website development team can build one for you. 

We should always bear in mind that we don’t want to simply attract the crowd that is already interested and would show up anyways. We need to create that interest, draw all those who aren’t even aware of what’s happening, and then watch those seats fill up.

You can either have an entire site for marketing your college event online or just one landing page. People can also sign up, or register for the event on your site. If you want, you can take things up a notch and allow them to pay for the college event online as well.

Having established what we need to be doing, let’s see how we are going to make it happen. Grab that spot on the landing page that’s screaming for attention and use your words! Trendy phrases and vivid colors. It’s all about pushing the right buttons.

Psychology states that the right choice of words and the right colors allure us into making spontaneous decisions, we don’t want to be manipulative here but we have simply learned to make use of science to work in our favor and we can’t wait to add a ‘sold out’ tag to our event.

III – Public Forums

Common public forums are a place where people with like-minded interests actively participate. Doesn’t this seem like the right place to be digitally posting your college event online? Yes, yes it does. Stop contemplating and start posting!

People are always searching to be a part of something that interests them and if this event lights a match be sure they’re already a part of it. Count them in. Forums are an underrated and underused place to market your college event online. Not anymore, though.

Public forums such have the features and facilities to filter the right kind of crowd based on likes, previous interests shown in the same area or by simply recording and monitoring their online activities.

These events pop up in their email notification or forum notification. Why is it easily accessible to them? Well, we are literally living in a digital age with unimaginable gadget features and functions. So what’s preventing these notifications from popping up onto their phone screens and we are aware of how much screen time we spend on an average day!

College Event Online Marketing from Opteamize

Do you need help marketing your college event online? Never fear, because Opteamize is here!

We can help with promoting your college’s event, be it a symposium, international conference, sports tournament, holiday event, or cultural festival. We can increase the registrations and get more sponsors for the event. Check out our college event marketing services for more.  

Here’s a fun fact: an average human spends 5 years of his or her entire life online. If you are trying to reach the crowd and pass a message, keep up and get to posting your college event online. The entire world (wide web) is waiting for you. Contact us now for our digital lead generation services.

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