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5 Great Social Media Sites for Promotion

We offer you the 5 best social media websites for promoting your company’s products and services. Are you making effective use of them? Read this post and find out.

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Did you know that June 30th is World Social Media Day? Social media is great and there are so many things you can do with it. The various social media channels enable you to reach people across the world. Everyone around the globe is connected. You can chat, interact, share, and learn about a lot of subjects.

However, social media isn’t just for fun and games. Social media channels can act as powerful dynamic tools for brand building and lead generation.

If you want to promote your brand on the internet and reach a lot of people, social media is the way to go. Having an effective social media strategy can bring you a lot of benefits in terms of promotion. With so many social channels out there, which ones should you go for? Of course, certain sites work better than others.

5 Top Promotional Social Media Sites

Here are five awesome social media sites for promoting your company.

  1. Facebook

Founded: February 2004

facebook social media

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Facebook is first on the list. Facebook is the number one social media site to promote your business and your brand. Mark Zuckerberg built Facebook (then FaceMash) in his Harvard dormitory back in 2003 along with Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Chris Hughes, and Dustin Moskovitz. The rest is history. Yep. The movie ‘The Social Network’ was not lying about that part.

Facebook, which was called ‘TheFacebook’ at the time, quickly replaced MySpace as the top social media site. Facebook is the most visited social media website in the world and was the first social media site to surpass 1 billion users way back in 2012.

The social media giant now boasts more than two billion users, which is roughly two out of every seven people on the planet. It is also one of the biggest companies in Silicon Valley alongside Apple, Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. It is often considered part of the Big 4 tech companies.

Facebook has built a strong userbase and people will continue to use it to connect for the foreseeable future. Others have tried to compete but to no avail. It is a prime market and due to the vast amount of people on it. You can also visit Facebook forums and groups to get a better sense of the market. Given proper execution, this huge blend of users can allow a steady flow of leads to enter your company.

  1. LinkedIn

Founded: December 2002

linkedin social media

LinkedIn was founded by five people: Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Reid Hoffman, Jean-Luc Valliant, and Eric Ly. The current LinkedIn CEO is Jeff Weiner and the company has headquarters in Sunnyvale, California. LinkedIn is a top site in the business world and the best website to develop B2B connections. It is a powerhouse website with over half a billion accounts.

LinkedIn works great for anyone who wants to reach out to and connect with a professional network. You can also send LinkedIn emails (InMails) of your company’s products and services directly to a person’s inbox. There are also LinkedIn Text Ads and Sponsored Content Ads which you can opt for if you desire. In addition to age and gender, you can target people by industry, job title, company size, etc.

LinkedIn ad campaigns are a bit pricier than Facebook, but still worthwhile if you want to aim for the corporate crowd. As an added bonus, the leads on LinkedIn are filtered, unlike Facebook.

  1. Twitter

Founded: March 2006

twitter social media

Jack Dorsey invented a goldmine when he formed Twitter along with Evan Williams, Noah Glass, and Biz Stone. Even if the company isn’t that profitable for itself, it is sure proving to be profitable for companies that use it.  

One might think that a platform where a person can type only 280 characters (previously 140) would be difficult to promote a company on. This is not the case. You can tweet out news, updates, articles, and content along with relevant hashtags. When people share your posts and retweet your content, your brand gains momentum and followers.

Twitter is also a great social media site for interacting with customers. Creating a Twitter account has value because your post can go viral. In fact, tweets offer you the biggest chance to go viral and takes less effort to make than a YouTube video or Facebook post. Twitter Ads can be used for business promotion.

You can also follow current big names to keep up with what’s happening and the latest trends in your industry. Be sure to retweet accounts with many followers to increase the chances of someone following you. Happy tweeting!

  1. Google Plus

Founded: June 2011

google plus social media

Google Plus is not dead as many people assume. In fact, the rumors of Google Plus’s demise were greatly exaggerated. G+ is Google’s fourth foray into the social media field. The previous three were Orkut, Friend Connect, and Buzz, all three of which are dead now. Google discontinued them because they didn’t gain enough traction.  

G+ was yet another Google attempt at taking on Facebook. However, it turned out to be a weak challenger for the social media throne. Although it wasn’t as successful as thought, Google Plus is still rather useful and has found a niche userbase.

A lot of brands don’t have pages on G+ or leave them barren. Heck, you may have created one as well but forgotten about. This is the perfect opportunity to strike and gain ground where your competitors lack. Plus, since it is owned by Google, having a well-optimized page is nothing but beneficial in the rankings game.

Google Plus itself gives you a leg up in Google My Business, which is crucial for local SEO. It is time to revive your page as G+ is still alive and kicking.  

Update: It seems we may have spoken too soon as Google has announced that it plans to wind down Google Plus. The shutdown is expected to occur by August 2019 according to reports.

  1. YouTube

Founded: February 2005

youtube social media

Who doesn’t know about YouTube? For anyone living under a rock, YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the planet. They are video giants and a great place to promote your company.

A subsidiary of Google since November 2006, YouTube has risen steadily over the years and is now one of the top three most visited websites in the world along with Facebook and Google. Almost 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube every single day.

Promotion involves creating YouTube videos as well as advertising your company on the YouTube platform. The videos on YouTube can also be shared onto other channels. Videos add dynamism to your company and are more appealing than plain text or images as a means of digesting content. 

YouTube isn’t for everyone, but it certainly doesn’t hurt to try.

Other Social Sites

quora social media tumblr social media whatsapp social media instagram social media pinterest social media reddit social media




Those were the five top social media sites for promotion. There are also other websites you can use. 
Reddit and Quora are good places for answering questions and informing people about your company. You can also add links to your website on them as well. 

Instagram works great for those in the fashion, jewelry, or food industries. Any field that requires high-quality images should post to their Instagram account. In case you were unaware, Instagram is now owned by Facebook, as is WhatsApp.

P.S. WhatsApp is another good place for pushing your services.

Sites such as PinterestSnapchat, and Tumblr might also help, albeit to a lesser extent.

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We would be hypocrites if we didn’t open up accounts in the same social sites listed above. Be sure to follow, subscribe, and message the Opteamize social media pages as well for more great content.

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