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7 Tips for Improving Your Google Search Ads

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Google Search Ads have changed the face of digital marketing even since its conception. If your business is still sticking to the traditional methods of marketing, it’s high time you take up to online digital marketing and allow it to make a progressive change in the transformation of your business.

7 Google Search Ads Tips

For those who are already reaping the benefits of Google Search Ads, here are 7 tips in order to enhance you or your company’s experience and allow the ads to be of greater benefit to your business.

  1. Choose the Right Keywords

Choosing the right keywords is the element that defines Search Ads. Why are keywords of such great importance? The core foundations of Search Ads are keywords. Keywords are the main connectors between the ad and the audience.

Acing the list of keywords would only direct traffic to your website giving your products and services the exposure it needs for their search engine optimization campaign. You need the right keywords, not just the top ones.

  1. Conversion Landing Page

The landing page is where the users will end up after clicking the ad. With all the analysis and contemplation of choosing the right keywords and directing your audience into clicking your Google Search Ad, a well-designed and clear landing page should be paid attention to.

Some companies will design a landing page specifically for the ad, rather than their already existing product, service, or contact page. Keep in mind the relevance and connectivity of your landing page to your Google Search Ads. Create a good landing page that converts.

  1. Add Ad Extensions

Adding ad extensions to your Google Search Ad doesn’t come with limitations or an extra charge. Thus, take advantage of adding features such as contact details and location with alternate options to avoid missing out.

Don’t forget to include extensions. Sometimes, your extension page will turn out to be better than your main page. More content gives you more visibility. Google never fails to prompt the adding of extra extensions. Take their recommendations and improve your Google Search Ad.

  1. Implement Location Targeting

This feature comes with limited restrictions but it is a matter of how you choose to target your audience. You could choose from a whole country to a city but the matter of concern here is to focus on customers that are located near to your location with the ability to gain access to your services. Thus, in turn, increasing visibility and in turn profits.

  1. Don’t Forget Mobile Users

Since all the work for your website is done via desktop, it is quite common to miss out on mobile users. As mobile phones are the most efficient portable devices, paying more attention to this category in terms of design and convenience is a must.

Mobile usage is going up, up, up. More people are using smartphones every day. Choose attractive headlines, a compelling call-to-action and the various other features that are designed for optimal performance to make sure your Google Ad looks good on mobile.

  1. Include Prices, Exclusive Deals, and Countdowns

There is something about the pressure of countdowns. It’s a great way to market and brand yourself. Everybody wants to have the products that are on sale and within a limited time frame, they need to get their hands on them.

Coming up with offers and catchy deals will have a stream of people clicking on your ad. It’s all about engaging with the audience and getting them involved.

  1. Stick to the Basics

Last but not least, stay rooted and don’t leave the basics behind. Google constantly improvises the features of their Search Ads and adds additional options to enhance the experience of users. However, when all is said and done, make sure you pay attention to the basics such as highlighting the uniqueness of your business or service, keeping it professional and attractive.

Modify and equip yourself with the newest features and have Google Search Ads working in favor of your business. The eighth tip is to hire an agency like Opteamize for search engine marketing services in India and get your Google Search Ads right.

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