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8 Bruising Things I Learnt in My First Job as a Content Writer (Part II)

In the previous article, eight pugilists slugged it out against each other to determine which one was the best in each category. Now, eight more will do the same. Oh là là! 

This is the second post of a two-part series on ‘8 Bruising Things I Learnt in My First Job as a Content Writer.’

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I am Sriniketh Srinath, a Content Marketer at Opteamize, and I would like to continue to share my knowledge.

8 Bruising Things I Learnt in as a Content Writer [5 – 8]

The heavier fighters have now joined the fray. Grab the popcorn. Let us begin!

*Ding, ding, ding*

(05) Welterweight Bout – Gmail v Slack

The fifth battle is between Gmail and Slack. Both are tough competitors in their own right. These titans jostle on the turf of communication.

Although email used to be the primary form of communication within the office, times are changing and new challengers are emerging. Among these are Asana, WhatsApp, and Slack.

Slack has thrown its hat into the ring of business. It is a software tool where you can create groups or teams and share text, images, and links. Slack is tailor-made for office use. The service also allows integration with other sites such as Trello and Dropbox. The platform seems to punch above its weight and is great for communicating and collaborating with people in your company.

However, external use is where Gmail scores better. It’s much simpler to just send a mail to the client’s address with documents and details attached than try to add them to a Slack channel. Gmail’s messaging feature is also handy for a chat.

Email is more formal than Slack. Sucker punch! Slack’s great for working with people in a company because everyone’s on the same page, but emails are better for communicating with people you don’t see daily.

Slack has its own advantages such as instant messaging, collaboration, and channels, but the strengths of Gmail (formality, cross-communication, simplicity) outweigh them. This is when Gmail delivers Slack an uppercut, and Slack is behind on points now.

Overall, it’s not a definitive victory as Slack is better for internal work but Gmail works well for both. Gmail welcomes any and all challengers.

VERDICT: Gmail beats Slack into Submission today, but watch out! (Submission)

(06) Middleweight Bout – Trello v MS Excel

One of the challenges that you will face as a content writer is keeping track of which articles are due when. Also. you’ll need to be able to easily find a document when a number of articles you write keep piling up.

You’re probably familiar with Excel and the great value of lists that it provides. Dividing your articles into rows and columns in a grid-like form and writing the dates the article is due and other such information might work well in the beginning. After a while, it just gets too cluttered. Excel is down and out.

Frustrated writer, meet Trello. It allows you to create boards and attach a card to each board. On a card, you can add a title and labels such as ‘In Progress’ and ‘Finished’. You can attach documents and images directly to the cards, select due dates on the calendar so you know how much time remains, and add a checklist to make sure you’ve completed individual steps properly.

There is also a search feature for ease of finding. This is the decisive blow, and Trello thumps Excel in as dominating a manner as Sugar Ray Robinson defeated his foes.

Excel is floored and goes down for the count. Unfortunately, in this case, Excel just doesn’t excel.

VERDICT: Trello KOs Excel and is declared winner via Knockout (KO).

(07) Cruiserweight Bout – WordPress v Medium

In the red corner, we have ‘Medium’ and in the blue corner, the challenger, ‘WordPress’. It’s the penultimate contest and the boxers will be pulling no punches.

Blogging has really experienced a tremendous surge over the past few years and people are looking to increase their online presence. Other options exist in the blogosphere, such as Tumblr, Ghost, and Blogger. The thing is that these are recreational, used primarily for entertainment or opinionated content rather than actively building a brand.

WordPress and Medium are both influential platforms that allow you as a content writer to share your work with the online community. Neither should be used if you’re a first-time blogger, however. Both allow you to host your content and bring recognition to it. Medium is usually used for more serious posts, but WordPress can be used for virtually anything. Try them both out if you can.

Medium’s simple minimalistic interface makes it clean and easy to write. You can also upvote posts, similar to Reddit’s system. It has a huge audience and is one of the most powerful blogging platforms out there for individual bloggers. Medium is distraction-free and a good place to try out blogs before hosting your own site.

WordPress is best for building a brand from the ground up and turning your hobby of writing into an actual profit-generating business. It has two options (dot-org and dot-com), with both free and paid versions. WordPress also lets you host your own site, which is not possible on Medium.

Both have good friendly communities, so there is no differentiation here. WordPress is a bit more complicated, but it has many functionalities in the form of themes, widgets and inbuilt SEO plugins to make it more customizable. Medium has let its guard down on this front.

After long hours of these two slugging it out, It seemed like Medium had WordPress on the ropes, but WordPress emerges triumphant.

VERDICT: WordPress is the victor via Split Decision (SD).

(08) Heavyweight Bout – MS Word v Google Docs

Now it’s time for the granddaddy of all contests. This is the Dempsey vs Carpentier of tech. Google and Microsoft constantly butt heads, and Word v GDocs is just another one of these cases. The gloves are off now!

As a content writer, you will be typing on a computer, and you need a good word processor for that. Other options exist, such as Notepad, LibreOffice, and Zoho Writer, but Word and GDocs are the two big dogs here.

Microsoft has brought its second competitor to the fray in the form of MS Word. This tool has stood the test of time and a lot of people still use it for assignments, reports, and blogs. MS Word was the preferred choice for almost anyone who needed to get some written work done, or even just for writing stories. That was the way it was for a long time, but then Google stepped in. 

Google Docs is fresh and new and harnesses the power of the Cloud. It allows for collaboration. You can attach the document to other sites that allow integration. Storage on the Drive allows access to the document from any computer.

With MS Word, the document is saved only on one computer and you’ll need a pen-drive to transfer it elsewhere. Google Docs also auto-saves continuously, so you need not worry if the power goes out, if the system crashes suddenly, or if you were just distracted and forgot to save. Word fails on this front and although the auto-recovery feature helps sometimes, not saving work often leads to you having to redo everything from scratch.  

The only real weaknesses of Google Docs is that it takes some time to get adjust and an account on Google is necessary. Both are dominant in their own right, but Google gets the slight edge as they have a multitude of tools. Word is still great in its own right, and many people all over the world will continue to use it. It was the Mayweather vs Pacquiao of brawls and Word was rolling with the punches until the twelfth round, but just like Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Google remains undefeated.

VERDICT: Google Docs barely scrapes through via Split Decision (SD).

Post-Tournament Review

Thus ends today’s skirmishes. Some were blowouts while others were close-calls.

If you are a content writer, try these sites and tools out for yourself and see which ones you like best. It won’t hurt.

Don’t underestimate the other tools just because they were defeated, either. Who knows? The losers might come back stronger, and a rematch might be in order!

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