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Business Blogging For Beginners – Lesson (14)

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Welcome to another post about Business Blogging for Beginners. Here we will talk about tools that you can use to become a better writer. We have added links to the tools wherever possible.

You might want to read the thirteenth lesson before you continue.

With that said, it’s time for lesson fourteen.

Tools to Write Better

I – Trending Topics, Keyword Finder and Other Tools

# Ideas, Topics, Tools Our Recommendations
1 Idea Generator Buzzsumo or Ubersuggest
2 Audience Mapper Tweepsmap, Followerwonk
3 Title Generator Portent or Hubspot or Title-generator.com
4 Keyword Locator Keywordeye or Google Keyword Tool
5 Social Media LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter
6 Other Media Slideshare or Youtube or Amazon Books
7 Q &A forums Quora or Github or StackOverflow
8 Keyword Compare Quicksprout
9 Blog Aggregator Hubpages or  Alltop
10 RSS Feeds Feedly
11 Search Engine Soovle
12 Mindmapping Wisemapping
13 Brainstorming Bubble.us

II – Improve Your Posts with Writing Tools

# Tool Name How is it useful?
1 Readability Expresso Edit & make your writing readable
2 Readability Readable How readable is your blog?
3 Bold writing Hemingwayapp Make your writing bold & clear
4 Quote finder Brainy Quote Find that great quote now!
5 Change jargon Unsuckit Change your business jargon
6 Find clichés Cliché the info Find those hidden clichés
7 Find references Reference Find meanings & where used
8 Create memes Imgflip Quickly build a meme
9 Find images Pixabay Get high-resolution images
10 Create tags Tagcrowd Create your own tag cloud from text
11 Create charts Draw Use for making charts
12 Create infographics Canva Use for images and visual content
13 To count words Word counter Count most frequently used words
14 SEO Techniques Yoast The best WordPress SEO plugin

 III – Sample Blogs and Topic Ideas

# Topic Sample Blog
1 Industry – forums, publications, trends http://bit.ly/2cH1KN2


2 Review – software, books, products http://perfectgeeks.com/
3 Other blogs http://bit.ly/1CVUbIO
4 Do’s & Dont’s, FAQs http://entm.ag/2cc5Qxe


Predictions & forecasts http://bit.ly/1RQPdVw


6 Press releases http://bit.ly/2cyGatC


Events & workshops http://bit.ly/2cZSu4h
8 Interview – customer, expert, partner http://bit.ly/2ct6HHT
9 Conference Agenda http://bit.ly/2cp3kQl
10 Survey results http://bit.ly/1pxat4w
11 Beginner guides, How-to’s & Tutorials http://bit.ly/1uvBbhU


Optimize Posts

Optimize your blog posts using the on-page SEO techniques.

  • Target 1-2 keywords in the blog and certainly in the title (H1)
  • Get your other keywords out in the first or second paragraph
  • Blog should be mobile friendly
  • Page should load fast
  • Link within and outside
  • Don’t forget to provide a description of your images


Your content should be:

  • Findable
  • Readable
  • Understandable
  • Actionable
  • Shareable

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You are almost done with the series! Time to read the final chapter – Lesson 15.

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