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Business Blogging For Beginners – Lesson (8)

analyzing & brand building

Analyzing the Blogger – The 3 Key Metrics

blogging tipsBlogger Vicki Teinaki says that we need to track 3 metrics in order to be a productive writer. She calls it, ‘the triangle of writing metrics‘.

I analyzed this further and arrived at three possible scenarios to evaluate your blogging team if they are not performing to your expectations.

  1. Blogger #1 is high on passion and knowledgeable about the topic. If there are delays in submission then set milestones or the person may be facing the dreaded writer’s block.
  2. Blogger #2 is passionate about the topic but the knowledge level is low. He or she should be supported with additional research and asked to break down the topic into small chunks
  3. . Blogger #3 is low on time and passion but high on knowledge. This is a prototypical person in a company. Motivate, seek a reason or reassign to a different blogger. Better still – Gift him a copy of our book!

Step 6: Brand Building

“Follower numbers are less important than follower engagement, enthusiasm, and love for your blog.” – HennekeDuistermaat, Blogger.

Develop Your Own Style Guide

  • Blog Layout – Elements & sub-elements
  • Font & size – They are UI too! H1 to H6
  • Consistency – Logo, icons, color codes
  • Mood – Fun, clean, natural

Get more Blog Comments

  • Install an easy to use comments system
  • Use a comments plugin (for WordPress)
  • Reply quickly to those who commented
  • Ask a question at the end of the blog
  • Have a compelling Call- to-Action (CTA)
  • Link to previous blog posts

Start building your brand from Day One. Do not neglect the comments section of other blogs or articles. Great place to discuss, seek feedback & even sell your product or service!

Professional Author Bio

I tweaked Tucker Max’s (Founder of Book in a Box) 5 tips for creating a credible Author Bio for the blogger.

  1. Demonstrate your authority and credibility on the subject of your blog.
  2. Include things that build credibility or are interesting.
  3. Mention your website and any books you have previously written.
  4. Drop some relevant names, if they are appropriate.
  5. Keep it short and interesting without leaving anything important out.

“Write, Rewrite. When not writing or rewriting, read. I know of no shortcuts.” – Larry. L. King.

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