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A Catalog of Common Media File Formats and What They Mean

Our experts have put together the expansions for a ton of common file formats, all alphabetized. Enjoy.

Here are some common file formats. A majority of media files end in these extensions. You are sure to encounter a least a few of these in almost any white-collar job. 

Some of these may not be used in your field or may be outdated. You may have come across these files on Mac, PC, Android, and Apple. You can either go through the list one by one or do a quick ‘Control+F’ and type in whatever you’re looking for.

Common File Extensions Catalog

The Optemize team has compiled a list of common file extensions and expanded them. This applies to all kinds of media – audio, video, image, document, presentation, etc. Here we go!

.123 : IBM Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet

.3DM : Rhino 3D Model

.3DS : 3D Studio Scene

.3G2 : 3rd Generation Partnership Project 2 Multimedia

.3GP : 3rd Generation Partnership Project Multimedia

.7Z : 7-Zip Compressed

.AAC : Advanced Audio Coding

.ACCDB : Microsoft Access 2007 Database

.ACE : WinAce Compressed

.AGP : ArtGem Project

.AI : Adobe Illustrator

.AIFF : Audio Interchange File Format

.AMR : Adaptive Multiwave

.APK : Google Android Package Kit

.APP : Apple Macintosh OS X Application

.ARJ : Archived by Robert Jung Compressed

.ASF : Advanced Systems Format

.ASP  : Active Server Page

.ASPX : Active Server Page Extended

.BAK : Mozilla Firefox Bookmarks Backup

.BAT : Microsoft Disk Operating Systems Batch

.BIN : Binary Disc Image

.BMP : Bitmap

.BWF : Broadcast Wave Format

.C : C and C++ Source Code

.CAB : Microsoft Windows Cabinet

.CER : Internet Security Certificate

.CFG / .CONFIG : Configuration

.CFM : Adobe ColdFusion Markup

.CLASS : Java Class

.COM : Microsoft Disk Operating Systems Command

.COMMAND : Apple Mac OS X Terminal Command

.CPL : Microsoft Windows Control Panel

.CPP : C++ Source Code

.CR2 : Canon Raw Image

.CRDOWNLOAD : Google Chrome Partially Downloaded

.CRX : Google Chrome Extension

.CRYPT : WhatsApp Encrypted Database

.CS : Visual C# Source Code

.CSR : Certificate Signing Request

.CSS : Cascading Style Sheets

.CSV : Comma Separated Values

.CUE : Cue Sheet

.CUR : Microsoft Windows Cursor

.DAT : Data

.DEB : Debian Software Package

.DB / .DBF : Database File

.DCR : Adobe Shockwave Media

.DDS : DirectDraw Surface

.DESKTHEMEPACK : Microsoft Windows 8 Desktop Theme Pack

.DIVX : DivX-Encoded Movie

.DLL : Dynamic Link Library

.DMG : Apple Macintosh OS X Disc Image

.DMP : Microsoft Windows Memory Dump

.DOC : Legacy Microsoft Word Document

.DOCX : Microsoft Word Document

.DRV : Device Driver

.DTD : Document Type Definition

.DWG : AutoCAD Drawing Database

.DXF : Drawing Exchange Format

.EML : Email Message

.EMZ : Microsoft Windows Compressed Enhanced Metafile

.ENC : Encoded

.ENEX : Evernote Archive

.EPS : Encapsulated PostScript

.EXE : Microsoft Windows Executable

.FILE : Generic Microsoft Windows extension

.FLA : Adobe Flash Animation

.FLV Adobe Flash Video

.FMT : WinRAR Format

.FMPLUGIN : Apple FileMaker Plugin

.FNT : Microsoft Windows Font

.FON : Generic Font

.GADGET : Microsoft Windows Gadget

.GED : GEDCOM Genealogy Data

.GIF : Graphics Interchange Format

.GZ : Gnu Zipped Archive

.H264 : H.264 Encoded Video

.H : C, C++, and Objective-C Header

.HQX : BinHex 4.0 Encoded  

.HTM / .HTML : Hypertext Markup Language

.ICNS : Apple Macintosh OS X Icon Resource

.ICO : Icon

.ICS : Calendar

.IFF : Interchange File Format

.IMG : Disc Image Data

.IN : Spyware

.INC : Include

.INDD : Adobe InDesign Document

.INI : Microsoft Windows Initialization

.ISO : ISO Disc Image

.JAR : Java Archive

.JPG / .JPEG : Joint Photographic Experts Group

.JS : JavaScript

.JSP : Java Server Page

.KEY : Keynote Presentation

.KEYCHAIN : Apple Macintosh OS X Keychain

.KMZ : Google Earth Placemark

.LNK : Microsoft Windows Shortcut

.LOG : Log

.LUA : Lua Source

.M : Objective-C Implementation

.M3U : MPEG Audio Layer 3 URL

.M4V : Apple iTunes Video

.MAC : Apple MacPaint Image

.MAL : Windows MadAppLauncher Configuration

.MAX : 3DS Max Scene

.MDF : Media Disc Image File

.MDB : Microsoft Access Database

.MID / .MIDI : Musical Instrument Digital Interface

.MIM : Multipurpose Internet Mail Message

.MKV : Matroska Multimedia Container

.MOV : Apple QuickTime Movie

.MP3 : MPEG-1 audio layer III / MPEG-2 audio layer III

.MP4 : MPEG-4 Advanced Video Coding

.MPA : MPEG-2 Audio

.MPG / .MPEG : Moving Picture Experts Group

.MSG : Microsoft Outlook Mail Message

.MSI : Microsoft Windows Installer Package

.NEF : Nikon Electronic Format Raw Image

.NET : NetViz Project

.OBJ : Wavefront 3D Object

.ODS : OpenOffice Calc

.ODT : OpenDocument Format

.ODP : OpenOffice Impress Presentation

.OGG : Ogg Vorbis Audio

.ORF : Olympus Raw File

.ORG : Lotus Organizer

.OTF : Open Type Font

.PAGES : Pages Document

.PART : Partially Downloaded  

.PC : Oracle Pro*C Source Code

.PCT : Picture

.PDB : Program Database

.PDF : Portable Document Format

.PF : PreFetch

.PHP : PHP: Hypertext Preprocessing Source Code

.PKG : Symbian Package

.PL : Perl Script

.PLS : PL/SQL Stored Procedure

.PLUGIN : Apple Macintosh OS X Plugin

.PPS : Microsoft PowerPoint Slideshow

.PPT : Legacy Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

.PPTX : Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation

.PRF : Microsoft Outlook Profile

.PS : PostScript

.PSD : Adobe Photoshop Data

.PSPIMAGE : PaintShop Pro Image

.PUB : Microsoft Publisher Application

.PY : Python Script

.RAR : WinRAR Compressed Archive

.RAW : Raw Image

.RM : RealMedia

.RPM : Red Hat Package Manager

.RSS : Rich Site Summary

.RTF : Rich Text Format

.SDF : Standard Data File

.SH : Bash Shell Script

.SITX : StuffIt X Archive

.SQL : Structured Query Language Database

.SR2 : Sony Raw Image

.SRT : SubRip Subtitle

.SVG : Scalable Vector Graphics

.SWIFT : Swift Source Code

.SWF : Adobe Shockwave Flash Movie

.SYS : Microsoft Windows System

.TAR : Consolidated Linux / Unix Tarball File Archive

.TEX : LaTeX Source Document

.TGA : Targa Graphic

.THM : Thumbnail Image

.TIF / .TIFF : Tagged Image File Format

.TMP : Temporary

.TOAST : Toast Disc Image

.TTF : TrueType Font

.TXT : Plain Text

.UUE : Unix To Unix Encoded

.VB : Visual Basic Project Item

.VCD : Video Compact Disc  

.VCF : vCard File

.VCXPROJ : Visual C++ Project

.VLC : VideoLAN Client

.VOB : DVD Video Object

.VRML : Virtual Reality Modeling Language

.WAR : Java Web Archive

.WAV : Waveform Audio

.WKS / .WPS : Microsoft Works Word Processor Document

.WPL : Microsoft Windows Media Player Playlist

.WMA : Microsoft Windows Media Audio

.WMV : Microsoft Windows Media Video

.WPD : WordPerfect Document

.WSF : Microsoft Windows Script File

.XCODEPROJ : XCode Project

.XLR : Microsoft Works Spreadsheet

.XLS : Legacy Microsoft Excel Workbook Spreadsheet

.XLSX : Microsoft Excel Open XML Workbook Spreadsheet

.XML : Extensible Markup Language

.XHTML : Extensible Hypertext Markup Language

.XPS : XML Paper Specification

.YAML : YAML Ain’t Markup Language

.YUV : YUV Encoded Image

.Z : Z Compressed

.ZIP : Zip Compressed

.ZIPX : Extended Zip Compressed

That was a catalog of common media file formats and what they mean. If you found this list useful, you might also like our list of Popular Online Acronyms and Lingo.

Opteamize is happy to help you out. Contact us for more. Cheers!

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