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Cloudant – What’s So Great About It?


In this post, we will be talking about Cloudant and analyzing its strengths. Let’s go.

What is Cloudant?

Cloudant improves business operations.

A large part of any organization and its business processes involves documents. A lot of documents. Need to hire a new team member? Do the paperwork. Need to estimate and quote for that big project? Sure but juggle the mountain of bid documents first. Need to sign up that new customer for your service? Yes please! but have you reviewed his credit history and what about the contract?

Frankly, there may be nothing wrong with the process requirements. Searching for the right information does consume a lot of the highly paid Manager’s time. They may need everything to be thoroughly documented so that they are in a position to make decisions.

The problem is that it is really hard to analyze some of those documents. You can’t expect to have a quick Sales Forecast in your hands without turning the entire department upside down. Before opTEAMize, that is.

Opteamize and Cloudant

We are building opTEAMize to help you run your business smoother, faster, and more accurately. How are we doing it? By working with the best technology for this purpose. At the heart of opTEAMize, there is Cloudant. So what is so special and great about Cloudant?

Cloudant is a NoSQL document database from IBM. Cloudant stores those documents that you deal with day in and day out digitally. It uses Map-Reduce to analyze that data for you, crunch the numbers and give you statistics from which you can draw conclusions. You can also read our post on Why We Chose It for Our B2B Application for more.

A Closer Look at Cloudant

Let’s dive deeper into its gut. Err… Erlang.

We start with a flexible database. Unlike the ones you are used to, a database in Cloudant can change and adapt itself to your changing business needs. What is the meaning of all this? You know how in an organization processes are split based on the function. For example, you probably have a different database for your CRM than you do for your Talent Management.

While this sounds like a good idea on paper, it is a managerial nightmare. You have to request reports from various processes and then aggregate the results before arriving at any decision. With the help of Cloudant’s capabilities, we are able to bring all of your processes under one smart database which compartmentalizes your data based on the function it serves.

So what do we owe this magic to? Simple but strikingly powerful. A database in Cloudant is only able to do this because of how it represents the data internally. Within Cloudant, data is represented as documents!

Data is Power

Think about this for a minute. Data as documents. Documents that you work with day in and day out are represented in Cloudant in the same way as they are in real world. Now there is no complex terminology of rows, columns foreign key constraints for which you needed to hire a consultant just to explain it to you what it all meant.

With Cloudant what you see is what you get. Want to analyze a pdf document? Sure just upload it to opTEAMize and we will generate reports for you. Ditto for passports, resumes, Excel sheets, and even word documents. Did you know that Lucene Search is an integral feature of Cloudant?

The representation of data as documents is only half the story though. What matters is what you can do with that data. With the help of powerful Map-Reduce functions in Cloudant, we have designed a complex analytical engine that aids your decision-making process. Map-Reduce takes the data that you have and creates unique views out of it so you can so you can have insights you didn’t think were possible.

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Suppose the volume of data that you want to analyze increases? Do we have the capability to handle it? We sure do! You see, we use Cloudant and leverage its distributed database algorithms to manage the increased workload.

All your organizational documents in one place and reports ready when you need them. So how about it? Would you like to try out opTEAMize?

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