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Content Creation Services

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“Content is king.”Bill Gates

Content is the cornerstone of any website. It is the foundation upon which everything else is built. You can be flashy an add colors and shapes all you want, but without content, your site doesn’t have much to offer in the way of substance. The most valuable asset on your website is the content on your pages. Content is 100% compulsory for website development. Making a website without content is like making a milkshake without milk. 

Different Kinds of Content

Content can be paid, owned or earned. It is like hooking and catching fast swimming fish in the various channels competing with others fishing in the same user ‘rivers’. Some competitors may have better nets, faster boats and already occupying prime deeper vantage points. Written, audio, and visual are all different forms of content and we offer all three. A blend of all of them is ideal for any website, though some will rely on one form over the other.

Content can also be split into three broad groups: Created (original or in-house), Curated (collated from other sources), and Commissioned (syndicated from other sources).

Through our content creation services, we will find and make content that is readable, relevant, original, and understandable. This includes images, text, videos, GIFs, memes, and more. We create a variety of written content such as blog posts, landing page content, case studies, PR articles, white papers, etc. Opteamize can also convert content from one form into another (such as audio transcription).

Aside from creating original content, we also edit existing content. We can resize images and turn them into moving images (GIFs). Let us enhance your text files as well by editing the spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, etc. Opteamize can also insert and fit relevant keywords into existing content. Posters and presentations can also be prepared for you by us.

content creation

Our Content Creation Services

Many businesses believe ‘relevant content creation’ to be the most difficult SEO tactic to execute. Opteamize understands this and we are here to help. Opteamize Cloud Solutions is a digital marketing organization that is based in Chennai.

We offer high-quality content writing and content creation services at an affordable cost. There is a strategic and effective process that we follow when it comes to content. This helps us create crisp, concise, and creative content that is unique and informative.

We devise a unique content creation plan and craft specialized content for every website we manage. Our Content Division is composed of a team of knowledgeable people who have created content for many companies.

Opteamize’s content is created with the intent of showing up on Google’s radar and therefore we perform everything related to content in accordance with Google’s guidelines.

Our content has been used by the likes of software providers, retail consultants, educational institutions, business stationery stores, coupon websites, and more. We have even managed to publish our own magazine related to technology and artificial intelligence. Take a look at our Content Portfolio for more. The content creation services from Opteamize include:

  • Web page content – Landing page & blogs
  • Content for social media
  • SEO friendly blog posts
  • Newsletters
  • E-magazine
  • Image creation/editing
  • GIF creation/editing
  • Proposals
  • AV transcription
  • Logo design
  • Presentations

We specialize in written and picturesque content. For image content, our graphic designers can create pictures, memes, infographics, GIFs, banner / slider images, blog covers, and more. We also edit existing images. Opteamize devotes a lot of time towards researching the issues related to your field, your target audience, topics to write for them, etc. This lets us deliver original and clear content that will differentiate you from your competitors.

Opteamize also understands your expectations and content formats before starting the project. That is why we write great content that facilitates a response from the target audience and meets desired goals. We have content creators composed of writers and creative designers with a lot of energy and experience under their belt. Our customized content development helps clients reach their desired content goals.

After we craft the content, we optimize it for search engines before distributing it on various channels (content marketing). You can also promote your content in other places and perform social media marketing as well as email marketing with it.

Contact us right now to know more about our content writing services and get your content done by Opteamize.

“Great content has a life beyond its initial publication. It can be used in pitches to the media and to influencers in your field. Your content is like a résumé that reporters can review, and that publication can use to assess your potential as a guest columnist.” – Jen Ribble

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