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Can You Differentiate Between Content Writing and Creative Writing?

Most people assume that both content writing and creative writing are the same, but that is not the truth! Read on to get a better understanding of both.

Note: This post was written by Jaison, who was an intern at our company, with some minor edits from the Opteamize team. In this post, Jaison shares some differences between Content writing and Creative writing that he learned as an intern. 

“Writing isn’t about using big words to impress. It’s about using simple words in an impressive way.”Sierra Bailey

I am Jaison, a graduate of English literature. Being a literature student, I am very comfortable with creative writing than content writing. I did my internship at Opteamize Cloud Solutions as a Content Writer and struggled to deliver quality content for blogs.

After five continuous days of training at the workshop, I have now got a clear understanding of what content writing too. I have identified the differences between content writing and creative writing.

Writing itself is an art and before getting deep into the topic, I would first like to explain the concept of the two forms: Content Writing and Creative Writing.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a form of web writing where the superior motto is to sell or to talk about a product. Content is an important element of a website that drives the success of the site. Content writing focuses on briefing the product with tight writing bagged up with SEO.

A content writer is a person who develops the content. Content writers professionally produce Blogs, Articles, and other forms of web-written materials for online purpose.

Tools used for content writing: Hemmingway App, Paper Rater 

What is Creative Writing?

“The role of a writer is not to say what we all can say, but what we are unable to say.”Anais Nin

Creative writing is a form of professional writing that merely has any rules and regulations to follow. It is a pure form of original composition. Creative writing is never academic or technical but still attracts the audience. It includes Songwriting, Scriptwriting, Poetry, Novels, and Personal Essays.

Tools used for creative writing: Spartan Word Processor, Writing Prompts, Pomodoro App.

Now, let’s go deeper!

Different Types of Content Writing:

Technical content writing, SEO content writing, Blogging, Podcast, Vlog, Feature Writing, and Business Writing.

Qualities of a Content writer:

  • Possess good researching skills
  • Drafting an ice-breaking title.
  • Should difference between creative and ordinary content.
  • Have deep insight about the topic.
  • Good at crafting a storyline.
  • Understand the target audience.
  • Ability to draft and redraft.

Problems Faced in Content writing:

Content writers lack experience with new topics. Consequently, they are unable to produce in-depth articles. Content writers might not do justice to unfamiliar blog topics. For instance, if an English background writer is given a topic related to engineering, he won’t produce a good content. Content writers fail to understand their audience as they are pushed to satisfy the client’s needs and not the audience’s needs.

Different Types of Creative Writing:

Poems, Plays, Movie script, Songs, Speeches, Personal essay, Journals, Diaries, Letters, and even Blogging.

Qualities of a Creative Writer:

  • Efficiency
  • Research ability
  • Imagination
  • Confidence

Problems Faced in Creative writing:

Fear of selling – creative writers are afraid if they can sell their work. It is also difficult to gain attraction with creative writing. Another major problem is the heavy competition in the midst of Creative writers as compared to content writers.

8 Major Differences Between Content Writing and Creative Writing               

Content writing must stick to its foundation. Creative writing has no boundaries.
Content writing sells. Creative writing entertains.
Content writing includes Articles and Blog posts. Creative writing includes poems, stories, novels, and fictional works.
The writer’s vision is replaced with the client’s view. The writer’s vision is given the superior priority.
States only true facts. Uses a lot of imagination.
Focuses more on key-words than creativity. Focuses more on creativity than keywords.


Mainly for marketing purpose. Mainly for the pleasure of writing
Limited emotions Comprise emotions and feelings

These were few differences between Content Writing and Creative Writing that I learned as an intern. I hope it was useful. Now you have a better understanding of the art so why don’t you start writing yourself?  

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