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Digital Bull For Agencies

What is Digital Bull?

Digital Bull is a software as a service (SaaS) lead management platform developed by Opteamize to help agencies manage digital marketing projects. The main aim is to deliver results.

It functions as a lead generation and actionable platform for digital marketers. However, it can do so much more.

Why Should Agencies Use Digital Bull?

Right now, you are probably using Excel, Google Sheets, or other tools like Hootsuite, SEMRush for this purpose. Digital Bull can work in tandem with your current process and transition into a replacement for them. It is a great substitute for many reasons, which include:

  • Detailed reporting
  • All-encompassing
  • Instant access

Detailed Reporting

One problem companies face when the run campaigns is an inability to judge the ad campaign’s performance. Be it social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), email, or another medium, you need to know the results of your labour.

Digital Bull can fix this. You can access reports for the promotional campaigns you run. There are options to have reports for Facebook Ads, `Facebook Insights, Google AdWords, YouTube, email, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Insights, and more.

We also have integrations with the Facebook Manychat bot as well as Instabot for your website. Check out our messenger and web chatbot services for more in that regard.



These will help you gauge customer perception of your ad campaigns and get a better analysis of your leads.

Proper reporting can also give an increased amount of knowledge on the status of  the site. Once you know how well or poorly a campaign performed, you can act upon the outcome and fix your mistakes while retaining the strong points for the next ad campaign.

The information isn’t only limited to social media. Google Analytics, Google Page Speed, Google Sheets, Google Trends, and Google Search Console integrations are also built into Digital Bull. Data and statistics are available at a glance. This will help you keep track of things from an SEO perspective.


Digital Bull is an all-in-one platform that offers a wide array of functionalities. There is a huge variety of information available, divided into categories at different stages of the digital marketing process.

The seven modules for the platform are based on the processes used in any typical digital marketing agency.

Each of these above categories then has 2 to 3 sections within it which drop-down upon clicking on them. These relate to the specific category.

The complete Digital Bull layout is as follows:

  • Convert
    • Campaign Leads
    • Other Leads
  • Promote
    • Campaign Report
    • Campaign Brief
  • Publish
    • Curated Page
    • Blog
  • Optimize
    • Blog
    • Landing Page
    • Images
  • Create
    • Check Trends
    • Content
  • Audit
    • Page Speed
    • Website Issues
    • Competition
  • Report
    • Keyword Ranking
    • Google Analytics
    • Search Console
    • Backlinks

As you can see, Digital Bull offers a plethora of information to the user. It allows you to multitask. Digital Bull acts as a Swiss army knife of sorts as it is able to perform multitude of functions all in one place. Replace all those costly tools that you use with one simple multifunctional powerhouse that is Digital Bull.



Seven Modules


Drop Down Menu


Instant Access

The advantages of Digital Bull are threefold: First of all, the designated account manager has a tool to keep track of everything with regards to the project. Next, the client can see everything pertaining to their site in one sitting. Finally, the superior can easily view the status of all the projects and the progress of the account managers.

All you need to enter are your email and password. With this Digital Bull login, the designated person can manage the account in an efficient manner. Clients are able to know the status of their website optimization, content creation, content publishing, ad promotions, and site visitors. The client will know the status of their projects any time, anywhere.

Using Digital Bull, an agency can easily manage more clients while also bringing transparency into their dealings with said clients. The client knows exactly what the agency is doing. Now, you don't need to send voluminous Excel reports to clients, but just give them online access to Digital Bull.

Digital Bull gives all the parties a better idea of what is happening with regards to the project. It’s simple, effective, and easy to use. There are no forms to fill up or lengthy processes to register. The layout is neat and clean so everything is clearly visible. No mess, fuss, or complications about it. In the end, everyone benefits.

Digital Bull Login


Get Digital Bull from Opteamize

We use Digital Bull for our own website as well as for over twenty of our clients, who are quite content with it. With Digital Bull, you have a powerful and dynamic tool for for managing your website, social media, and leads, all in one place. It’s time to ditch Excel. Make the switch to Digital Bull right away.

Opteamize is always looking for ways to improve our products and services, and this one is no different. The layout is subject to change as we want to enhance and fine-tune it for our users.

Stop being a digital marketing clerk. Convert your team into digital marketing analysts with Digital Bull. Contact us now for more information.

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