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Digital Bull For Colleges

What is Digital Bull?

Digital Bull is a digital marketing training tool developed by Opteamize to help students understand the practical aspects of digital marketing projects. It can simplify digital marketing techniques and untangle the process.

Digital Bull helps students learn digital marketing fundamentals and gain practical experience with SEO, Content, Campaigns, and Reports.

Digital Bull functions as a lead management platform for digital marketers built by digital marketers. However, it can do so much more.

How can Digital Bull Help Students?

Students typically face three major problems when it comes to learning digital marketing:

Limited Practical Experience

The first issue is a lack of practical experience when it comes to digital marketing. The students may have read and studied up on the subject, but they are unable to perform an audit of a site or run a Facebook ad campaign for a company.

This practical experience or lack thereof should be a real concern. There is no excuse for students not to put what they learn into practice. How can they be expected to perform well in a work environment without having some practical implementation?

If a student is to understand the great mystery that is digital marketing, they must study all its aspects, not just the narrow view of the theory. If you wish to become a complete and wise digital marketer, you must embrace a larger view of the subject matter. This includes actually diving in and doing work for actual projects.

Lack of Basic Knowledge

If the foundation isn’t strong, the entire building will crumble. This much is true. As such, students need to spend more time learning the basics of search engine optimization (organic search) and search engine marketing (paid search).

Often times, students tout themselves as SEO experts but fail to answer low-level questions such as the difference between Google Ads and AdSense. Sometimes this isn’t the student’s fault as they don’t intend to make false claims. It’s just that they misunderstand and assume they know everything.

Although they might somewhat understand the role of that SEO-friendly content plays, technical SEO especially is a weak area for them. Most students tend to falter when it comes to page speed, image optimization, SSL certificates, internal and external linking, etc.  

Digital marketing is simple and easy to understand via Digital Bull. The platform is process-oriented in nature and the step-by-step flow will make it easy to follow. It may not be possible for each person to manage a separate company, but they can at least team up and work together on the project.

Poor Client Communication Skills

Then last, but certainly not least, is how the students have little to no skills when it comes to communicating with the client. Client communication is crucial to the success of any project. It can help highlight the good things you are doing and give reasons for any mistakes that occur.

Lack of proper communication is why many relationships suffer, be it personal or professional. Sending reports and audits and communicating with clients is not taught in the correct way, and this is not good at all.

Many students don’t know how to draft a proper email or minutes of a meeting, much less have a coherent conversation with the client. If they don’t learn this now, they certainly won’t learn it after they join a company.

Because of these three core factors, supposed expert digital marketers are being churned out when they are in fact only subpar.

Digital Bull for Colleges - How can Colleges Benefit?

Sure, the above may be all well and good, but you as a college still need to be convinced.

So, why should you use Digital Bull for colleges and how is it advantageous to you?

Well, it is a useful service in its own right. Digital Bull is a powerful tool that can perform a lot of actions, and you can manage social media, SEO, and your website, and your leads all in one dashboard.

The four titles for the platform are based on the processes used in any typical digital marketing agency: SEO, Campaign, Content, and Report.

Each of these above titles then has 2 to 3 modules within it which drop-down upon clicking on them. Under these modules are 2 -3 submodules that relate to the specific module.

The complete Digital Bull layout is as follows:

  • Dashboard
  • SEO
    • Audit
      • Page Speed
      • Competition
    • Optimize
      • Blog
      • Landing Page
      • Images
  • Content
    • Create
      • Check Trends
      • Content
    • Publish
      • Curated Page
      • Blog
  • Campaign
    • Promote
      • Campaign Report
      • Campaign Brief
    • Convert
      • Campaign Leads
      • Website Leads
      • Other Leads
  • Report
    • Google Analytics
    • Search Console
    • Keyword Ranking
    • Backlinks

All of the above is available for you to view with just a few clicks. You can benefit from using Digital Bull to manage your own clients as well as letting your own students use it.

Digital Bull lets you view all the data in a structured manner. It brings organization to your information. Digital Bull can help you in planning and forecasting for a project. You can schedule the time and set a budget for how much time and money you will need.

Also, you can charge more for this service. Maybe you can let students have a free trial of Digital Bull before moving it to the premium package. It is definitely a platform that isn’t difficult to learn but offers a variety of functions. Plus, Digital Bull can increase your reputation. You can differentiate yourself from other colleges in that you actually offer hands-on experience to your pupils.  

Ultimately, you earn more revenue and turn Digital Bull into a cash cow (no pun intended).

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Help your students, help yourself, and help shape the future with Digital Bull, exclusively from Opteamize. We use it for our own website as well as the websites of our clients, who have all given us positive feedback on it.

Help your students understand digital marketing and set them on the path to becoming masters with Digital Bull for colleges. Well, what are you waiting for? 

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If you are looking to use Digital Bull in the corporate world, check out Digital Bull for Agencies.

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