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Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services in Chennai

Opteamize Cloud Solutions based in Chennai offers an email marketing services and Influencer targeting that differ from other automated services. We provide end-to-end lead generation and conversion services from email design > email monitoring > lead capture > follow up.

Email marketing is a cost-effective marketing tool that is highly beneficial for small and medium businesses. It is a process of sending bulk emails with a commercial purpose. This can be sent to old and existing customers, business advertisers, influencers for brand awareness, maintaining customer relationship and lead generation. You can also reach your targeted clients with personalised emails.


An effective marketing campaign can increase your sales, help in retaining your existing customers, acquiring new ones and get repeat business. The data can be analyzed and used in the development of a new business strategy.

Quality over quantity – Emails may best cost efficient but it’s no excuse to not produce quality content to give to a targeted audience. -Benjamin Murray

Influence Targeting

Influencer marketing is the process of identifying, researching, engaging and supporting the people who create the online conversations that impact your brand, programs and products.

Guest posts and product reviews from influential personalities can boost up your website traffic twice the actual rate. We at Opteamize target only those influencers who are apt for your business. We go beyond tools like Ninja Outreach by verifying and monitoring the influencer list manually. So that you connect with the influencer without delay and attract more audience.

Opteamize Email Marketing Process

  • Agree upon campaign theme or run newsletter
  • Finalize target audience
  • Use existing database or scour/buy new database
  • Create email content and image
  • Run tests and start parent campaign
  • Monitor campaign
  • Pass on leads
  • Update database
  • Re-run or start child campaign


To talk to our experts about our email marketing and Influence targeting, contact us here.

In a time when consumers desperately want to trust businesses – but they just don’t – influencer marketing is one way to overcome this problem.  – John Rampton

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