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Five Simple SEO Tricks to Improve Your Web Page Ranking

Search Engine Optimization is an emerging term in today’s Digital world. SEO is the process that makes the visibility of a  web page in various search engine with the help of certain keywords. Now, this blog addresses 5 simple SEO tricks to make your website or web page up. With the help of these 5 simple tricks you can increase your website traffic, or to make your brand aware or to get visibility of your page up. So, to achieve these goals, SEO plays an inevitable role.

SEO can be done easily if your website has more scope for content as it helps SEO. But it should be of quality content. The quality of the content will be ensured by “Panda”.

Let us get into the five SEO Tricks now!

     1. Title and Subtitle:

  • Try to use your keyword in H1- headings and H2 – subheadings in the content as it makes SEO more effective.
  • Sometimes, the page headline automatically becomes your title so, put an appropriate title that matches with keywords.
  • Don’t use stop words in title and subtitle.
  •  It is one of the easiest ways to boost your SEO.
  1. Meta Description:

  • It normally contains the gist of the content in the web page. The Meta description should employ keywords but at the same time, it should induce the searcher to click it further. The ideal length of Meta description is 160 characters it also includes the date.
  • Keep an eye on Duplicate Meta description because each web page should have a unique Meta description.
  • Don’t use double quotes in Meta description.  Sometimes, Google does not accept those as a description instead it may take it as a quote.
  • Try to avoid some non-alphanumeric characters in the Meta description.
  1. Create Quality Content:

  • Concentrate more on quality content and try to insert your keywords in 1st 100 words but don’t force fit it.
  • Don’t stuff too much keyword unnecessarily it will lead into the worst content.
  • Write short paragraph
  •  Use bulletin points
  •  Correct punctuation and grammar
  •  Avoid jargons
  •  Use quotes
  1. Image Optimisation:

  •  Use Alt Text – use text that helps the search engine to recognise your image.
  •   Image File size – it should be within KB and not more than 1 MB.
  •  Try to reduce the file size of the image and increase the page load speed.
  •  Try to use 12-14 images in a website more images slow downs your page loading speed.
  1. Add  Social Sharing Buttons:

  •  Adding social sharing buttons makes people like and share your   content.
  •   It encourages user engagement.
  •   Ask the user to leave a comment.
  •   Ask the user to give rating/ review for their products and services, which in turn helps improve the visibility of the brand.

You can follow these things to get more Website traffic and consequently improve your web page ranking by your own. For more tips and insights about Search Engine Optimization,  click here.




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