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Five Tips for Your First Facebook Ad Campaign

Nowadays everyone has a Facebook account and they spend more time on social networks than ever before. So, it cannot be ignored,  even by businesses. Facebook ads are a great way for promoting your product/services and building your brand. Make use of this opportunity to get your message across, and generate leads.

We have five expert tips for your next Facebook Ad below!

  • Have a clear vision

The campaign cannot be successful without an objective to achieve. Thus, define your goals before you get started with the Facebook Ad Campaign.  Once you get a clear vision of what you are looking for, it’s time to put your ideas into action.  Give an appropriate campaign name, description, etc. Facebook campaign pages will display what you are running and it can also be edited easily.

  • Allocate budget for each Facebook Ads

Allocate your budget for a specific period of time and utilise it for best results and outcomes. Have a different budget for each campaign so that you can adjust it accordingly. Create the budget which you are comfortable spending.

  • Pick high-quality images

The most important part of your ad is the image. Images are a powerful tool for  increasing your customer traffic. Note, Facebook ads won’t get approved if the text takes more than 20% of the image space. Provide quality images with concise content and font style.

  • Target your audience

Facebook has a targeting option which can be used to narrow down your target audiences list by adding categories and related topics. Content is very important. Viewers will return to your page if they find your content relevant. Include a call to action (sign up, learn more, contact us) at the end to track your prospects.

  • Install conversion tracking tool

Installing conversion tracking tool to know about your audience interest. Analyze what you are doing right and take action for further move. Matching your messages with the landing pages will also increase cost per clicks for your business.

These were five tips for running your Facebook ad campaigns for your successful business. Use them boost your conversion rates.

Opteamize Cloud Solutions provides content and marketing solutions for small businesses and startups. Contact us to run your next Facebook ad campaign.


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