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10 Techniques You Must Use to Increase Website Traffic

Increasing website traffic is a very challenging task. It requires a good understanding of website technology, SEO, and off-page techniques to rank higher.

Getting people to visit your website is akin to driving a car on a road. If the road were to be empty with no stop signs, traffic lights or bumps, you can reach your destination quickly. Now assume there are thousands of other cars on the same road driving to the same location and that’s when the problems begin. Now you aren’t sure when you will complete your journey.

In short, increasing website traffic is one of the most challenging jobs out there. Heck, the job of getting visitors to your low-ranking site is even tougher than Virat Kohli’s job.

There are millions of websites and blogs offering news and information similar to yours. All of them are striving to get the maximum number of views and readers.  However, through a combination of good content, effective promotion, perseverance, and determination, you can move ahead of others in the traffic chaos.

10 Tactics to Increase Website Traffic

Here are ten strategic moves that help drive traffic to your website.

  1. Optimize Website for Search

    Make it easy for people to reach your site. Once there, they should be able to get easy to access all pages and content. Properly code, structure and add metadata to your site. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are the road signs that direct users from the highway to your house. Make sure they are visible, relevant and updated.

  2. Improve Site Performance

    The site should load fast and optimize it for mobile to increase the website traffic. Check Google Page Speed insights and take corrective action. In recent days, Google focuses more on mobile performance, and its site audit for mobile will be tougher than desktop devices.

  3. Target Keywords

    Target relevant keywords for your business such that it reduces the competition in search rankings and gets more website traffic and visitors. The three factors to consider while freezing keywords are relevance, traffic, and competitiveness. Long tail keywords may afford more chances of success, particularly for newer companies.

  4. Create Quality Content

    Create your own unique, informative, entertaining content so that it can circulate longer on the web. Don’t stick to text. Add a mix of audio, video, and creative images to pep up your blog post. We wrote about 7 ways quality content can help. Look at newsletters, white papers, SlideShares, presentations, case studies, audio and video interviews, and client testimonials as additional forms of content that can populate your distribution channels.

  5. Monitor Trending Topics

    Follow Twitter for breaking news, Google Trends for trending topics, or Quora for questions being asked. You will be on top of the latest happenings around the globe. Post a popular topic on it and add your comments about the industry to improve your website traffic. Seek user feedback.

  6. Offer Guest Blogging Opportunities

    Offer guest post opportunities on your blog which can earn visibility with their target audience and links to your site from their distribution channels. This assumes that you already have a small amount of website traffic and a nice website. That makes it bait for guest bloggers.

  7. Build Social and Inbound Links

    Build links pointing back to important landing pages on your site to improve your domain strength. You have to execute it as a separate project even if the requirements fall within your SEO scope of work. Identify influencers, competitor links, and other digital PR links and forums and target them with a mix of email and direct contact, or through other social media channels.

  8. Host Webinars

    Educate your audience through useful webinars. Use interactive modes to pull the audience in and keep the conversation flowing. Set up a nice silent room with a good backdrop and get started with simple talks. Once confident and with loyal viewers, graduate to a studio like atmosphere with great audio and video quality.

  9. Nurture Community Forums

    Create an online forum for your customers to engage with you and other users of your product/services. Lightly moderate the forum to ensure discussions are flowing and healthy. You can also link to your site in other forums and increase website traffic in that manner. Don’t simply link, however. Make sure you provide information as well.

  10. Use Call-To-Action (CTA)

    Give reasons for the people to click through to the sales portion of your website from your blog. Don’t leave your reader hanging with no action item at the end. Give them something they can take away after reading your article or visiting the site. E.g. advertise a new product with discount offers. Link to a landing page as well as your contact us page. Here is ours.

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