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5 Ways to Keep Your Blog Post on Top of the Rankings

5 ways to keep blog post on top

So, you’ve managed to get your blog post at the top of the search results. It may not have the number one ranking, but even getting on the first page of Google’s search results is a big deal. Congratulations! What now?

You can just let the post sit there without touching it. After all, it got to the top for a reason and there’s no need to tinker with anything, right?

Wrong! You can’t just let all that hard work go to waste. Google is constantly updating its results to find better and more relevant content for the users. You have to stay ahead of the curve if you want your post to remain on page one, especially as time wears on.

5 Ways to Retain Your Top-Ranked Blog Post

You have already achieved the most difficult part of writing a solid post. The foundation has been laid. Now you just need to maintain it. Of course, you can always pay the search engine to show your post first, but that often costs a lot of money and isn’t as impressive. Here are five ways to keep your blog post on top:

1) Update Information

Make sure you keep the information in your post up-to-date. Enhance the post by replacing it with better quality information if you find it. E.g. Replace a 2016 study with a study from the current year. This helps not only Google but the readers as well.  

The blog page is a dynamic one as it often changing. This means that Googlebots crawl the page more frequently than they do with other pages. You can use this to your advantage by updating your post. Create content that is fresh. The bots realize that new information has been added, and if relevant, they will count the repurposed post as a new blog post rather than an updated old one.

2) Optimize Images

Images are another way to get to the top of the rankings. Be sure to optimize the images in your blog post. If you don’t have any, definitely add at least one. Include the title, ALT tags, and description of the images as well. Never forget to do this, as Google considers each image as a separate page in and of itself. It may also help people find your site through Google images.

You should also optimize images of graphs or charts from previous years. It goes hand in hand with the previous point of updating the information. You have to be careful here as removing and replacing images may bring your post down. Only replace if you are sure of the better quality, and keep the same tags, description, and title.

3) Backlinks

Ah, backlinks. They are a tried and tested method of getting people to your website, if not increase your site’s influence. Having backlinks to your blog is a great way to bring traffic to your website. It is also a form of indirectly advertising your business.

Look for blogs, forums, or websites similar to yours and talk about how you have written a blog post on the subject. Add a subtle link to your post. Don’t hard sell our product or service or even your company. The moderators may assume this is spam and remove your post. Plus, since you spin it as a blog post and not a product, people are more likely to read it.

People may believe that you are an expert on the subject and wish to do business with you. Or, they may just read the post, imbibe the knowledge, and leave. Either way, your site’s visitors increase and the post remains on top. You can read our post on analyzing competitor backlinks for more.

4) Add Internal Links

Internal links are very good and do not harm your site at all. They strengthen the bond between different pages of the website. If you are writing a post about a related topic, link to your old post. It is much better than unnecessary outbound links which may cause the reader to leave your website.

As long as the post is relevant, neither the users nor Google will mind. You can add as many internal links to your post as you want. The only problem is that it may affect readability. Still, try to add at least 2-3 internal links along with the Call to Action. There is no harm since the user remains on your site. In fact, he or she might be even happier because they found a great post.

Conversely, link to some of your weaker or lesser-viewed posts from the strong one. This props them up. The posts will all support each other and create an intertwined web. Google will consider you a subject matter expert since both the quantity and overall quality of the blogs is good.  

5) Social Media & Email Promotions

Social media marketing can prove to be very useful for keeping your post on top. After about a month of good organic growth, promote the page on your social media channels. Facebook is obviously the best medium, but you can link to the post on Twitter or LinkedIn as well. Sending an email campaign out with a link to the post is also beneficial. Just don’t get too spammy, though.

Since you have written a high-quality blog post, you can rest assured that people will want to read it. This will give the post a well-deserved boost by increasing the visitors, thus keeping it afloat at the top for longer. Even WhatsApp links are encouraged as long as they’re appropriate. Anything that makes people go to your website and spend time on it.

On that note, make sure you have optimized your post for mobile users. More people are using smartphones for browsing the web every day, and you don’t want a beautifully written post to look ugly on mobile.

Opteamize Can Help Your Blog Post Rank

Some of these tips can be used for landing pages as well. Getting your website’s landing page or blog post to be sitting pretty atop the Google rankings is not the end. You should keep working so that others don’t outdo you. Don’t lower your guard and let the post slide down the rankings again. Follow these tips and you will ensure longevity.

The key is to use the post to increase your own site’s rank. Maybe you can replicate the content on a landing page or use similar keywords. It is up to you.

Opteamize specializes in digital marketing and search engine optimization services for startups and SMEs. We focus on value and want to work with you as a partner rather than a hired mercenary with the aim of bringing your website to the top. We can also develop a website for you. Our clients vary from a big e-commerce player to small businesses. You can contact us for more information.

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