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Want to Gain More Benefits Out of Digital Marketing?


If you are one among the small businesses waiting to reap benefits from digital marketing, then read about how you and your company can take advantage of it.

How to Get More Benefits From Digital Marketing

Have you adopted digital marketing as one of the strategies to improve your business?  If yes, did you reap enough benefits after implementation?

If you spent money on online marketing and are still waiting to derive benefits, then you are one among many small businesses which have not clearly understood how to take advantage of this wonderful gift. If you still aren’t convinced to go use digital marketing, we have a post on 5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Emphasize It

Why Digital Marketing Projects Fail

Here are the top reasons why digital marketing projects usually fail:

Digital marketing-graphPicture Courtesy: KoMarketing

Let’s take a look at some of these reasons and expand on them.

Afraid to Spend More Resources on Digital Marketing

Small businesses usually won’t spend their time and money often on digital marketing activities that improve their business. If you want to take full advantage of the online marketing service, then you have to update your website, post new articles for the blog page, publish newsletters, etc. You can also create awareness of your brand through updating posts regularly and promoting on social media channels.

You have to run ads on Google (search engine marketing) as well as on LinkedIn, Facebook, and other social channels (social media marketing). For this, you have to shell out at least a decent amount if you hope to compete. Why hesitate? The rewards are well worth it. 

Poor Knowledge About Digital Marketing

Sometimes small businesses do not know when and where to start. Lack of knowledge about digital marketing is the reason for it. There is a need to acquire adequate knowledge about it. Knowing is half the battle, as they say. You can get a consultation from the experts, through attending workshops, or with active involvement in groups and forums related to digital marketing.

Inability to Quantify the Outcomes of Digital Marketing Results

Digital marketing outcomes cannot be measured in a week or month, and it takes a time to succeed. This is one reason why many companies are not happy with the outcome of online marketing services. You can jot down the metrics of e-marketing in terms of likes, shares, clicks, and reaches but how far these convert into a lead for a business is a question mark.

Failure to Analyze the Digital Marketing Results

Once the digital marketing activities like Facebook Campaigns, Google Ads, Email marketing, etc. start, try to analyze the activities with the tools available by checking the page views, clicks, impressions, reach and conversion. This will give a detailed understanding of what you planned and what you have actually achieved. By this, you can slowly know what is working and manage the digital marketing budget judiciously.

Underestimating the Importance of Content in Digital Marketing

Good content plays a major role in the success of digital marketing as it can help you market your products and services better to the targeted segment. Content can be a text, image, video, and audio, etc. If your visitors receive valuable information from your website and social media channels, then the chances of their return and share rate are high.

Take the AIDA Model as an example while drafting your content. The content should be tweaked as per the Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action Model. Create content based on whether it is for creating awareness, maintaining their interest in the products or services, interact personally to know their desire or persuading the prospects to take action. 

Expecting Instant Results from Digital Marketing

Businesses may expect more benefits from the implementation of digital marketing. However, you must understand that implementing it will not give phenomenal results instantly. This is especially true in the case of search engine optimization (SEO), where results may take a few months to show.

You need to monitor, track, and review the progress. People don’t have the patience and they want to reap the instant benefit of what they have harvested, which is wrong. Have patience, water the plants regularly, and you will eventually bear fruit. 

Lack of In-house Digital Marketing Expertise

Small businesses may not afford to hire the experienced person because they need to spend more on them. So, till such time they will hire a person one who helps in digital marketing. The particular person may take a time to learn and gain experience out of it.

This is how many businesses fail. Instead of spending time and money on the in-house person we can hire a consultant how will really help you in this situation. So, if you hire the right digital marketing partner for your business, they can ensure benefits for you out of it. 

Benefit With Opteamize

Then how can you really get benefit out of it? You can hire a digital marketing agency who will definitely help you in this situation. Talk to them to achieve better results. Here are the advantages of hiring a digital marketing firm:

    • Helps to increase your top line revenue and bottom line profits.
    • Helps in lead generation for your business.
    • Gives better branding building for your business
    • They will also help you with technology updates. For instance, they may suggest you use Wordpress 4.8 Technology as a current version to build our website.
    • The agency will assess your entire web-based and social media based property to know your current status/ Ranking.

Want to gain more benefits out of digital marketing? Opteamize can help.

Opteamize has many years of experience in the digital marketing field. We provide services to Small Businesses to get more benefits from digital marketing. We can build your brand and generate leads for you, as we have done for many companies. Digital marketing efforts will crumble without a strong website which is why we offer website development and enhancement services

Opteamize can also perform a thorough digital marketing assessment report of your company, including website, social media channels, and overall company plan. We can form and drive a successful digital marketing strategy. Contact us today to get started.

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