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The chatbot is a learning robot and a relatively new concept for Indian websites. However, thanks to advancements in technology and AI, they have seen a surge in usage on messaging apps. You can even use it for your own Facebook page.

What are the types of Chatbots?

Lead qualification:  The chatbot asks a few questions to gather visitor’s details before the lead exits the page. The details will automatically be saved on a dashboard or in Opteamize’s custom platform.

Content promotion: After clicking the ad, the chatbot sends the promotional content. Following that, the visitor can call or chat with an agent.

Special offer: The visitor clicks the ad and the chatbot sends a promo-code and offers to chat/call.

Hand over the baton to live chat: When a visitor clicks the ad, the chatbot asks several questions and hands over the visitor to live chat. After that, the visitor continues the conversation with a live agent.

Benefits of Chatbot

  • Interact with customers without time delay
  • 24×7 availability; Useful for targeting global clients
  • Increases time visitors spend on site
  • Leverages Facebook
  • Directs customers to appropriate landing page
  • Gathers contact details such as email and phone numbers
  • Generates more qualified leads

Chatbot from Opteamize

Opteamize offers two types of bots:

Web Bot – The web chatbot is installed on your website.

Messenger Bot – This chatbot works and operates through Facebook Messenger.

If you want to generate leads through social media via other means, check out our Social Media Marketing services.

Commercial Models

There are two options for you to implement the chatbots for your own company when it comes to the commercial aspect.

Option A – Owning

You pay a one-time fee and an annual 15% maintenance fee to maintain and configure the chatbots.

Option B – Renting 

This is a SaaS model where you pay a fixed amount every month for the chatbots. This is a rental fee where you pay and we will take care of the rest.

Facebook Messenger and Website Chatbots Free for One Month

Now, Opteamize can implement the next generation of chatbots directly on your website.

You can try a demo of our chatbots absolutely free for one month. This is a limited time offer so call, email, or fill out the contact form below.

Use chatbots to enhance your lead generation strategy. You can contact Opteamize for more information.

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