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Popular Online Acronyms and Lingo

This list is full of popular slang and lingo used by people online. The phrases also include acronyms from public sites like Twitter or Reddit.

Opteamize finds it important to say that teenagers and young adults are most likely to use the below words. The slang terms are usually seen on mobile-based apps such as WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger, or text messages. They are also prominent in public forums and chatrooms such as Discord or Slack.

Online slang is ever-changing and can be quite confusing. It definitely takes a while to get used to, but this list can help you get the hang of it and get a better idea of the online environment. Of course, you may already know some of these terms, and they may pop up in emails as well.

Remember that these are mostly used when texting people and are thus good shorthand, saving you time. Also, they don’t necessarily have to be in all-caps.

Popular Online / Texting Acronyms and Phrases

2 > To / To

4 > For

4eva > Forever

AAMOF > As A Matter Of Fact

Abt > About

AKA > Also Known As

AM > Ante Meridiem (before noontime)

AMA > Ask Me Anything

AFAIK > As Far As I Know

AFK > Away From Keyboard

Aight > Alright

Ain’t > Am not

ASAP > As Soon As Possible

ASL > Age, Sex (gender), Language

ATBGE > Awful Taste But Great Execution

ATM > At The Moment

B > Be

B& > Banned

BAE > Before Anyone / Anybody Else

B2K / BTK > Back To Keyboard

B4 > Before

Bc / Bcos / Bcoz / Cos > Because

BD / Bday > Birthday

BRB > Be Right Back

BTD > Bored To Death

BTW > By The Way

BYOB > Bring Your Own Bread

BYTM > Better You Than Me

C > See

Cmon > Come on

CMV > Change My View

Convo > Conversation

CU / Cya > See you

DAE > Does Anybody / Anyone Else…?

Dat > That

DBEYR > Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Def / Deffo > Definitely

DFTBA > Don’t Forget To Be Awesome

Dis > This

DIY > Do It Yourself

DM > Direct Message

DMC > Deep and Meaningful Conversation

DND > Do Not Disturb

DP > Display Picture

DQMOT > Don’t Quote Me On This

Dunno > Don’t know

DYK > Did / Do You Know?

DYOR > Do Your Own Research

EAK > Eating At Keyboard

EG > Exempli Gratia (For Example)

ELI5 > Explain Like I’m 5 (years old)

Em > Them

Etc > Etcetera (And So On)

Ez > Easy

Fab > Fabulous

Fav / Fave > Favorite

FB > Facebook

FBF > Flashback Friday

Fin > Finish

FOMO > Fear Of Missing Out

FTFY > Fixed That For You

FWIW > For What It’s Worth

FWP > First World Problems

FYI > For Your Information

GJ > Good Job

GL > Good Luck

GN / Gnite > Good Night

Gonna > Going to

Gr8 > Great

GTG > Got To Go

GTR > Getting Ready

Gud > Good

HAND > Have A Nice Day

HBD > Happy Birthday

HBTY > Happy Birthday To You

HIFW > How I Feel When

HMU > Hit Me Up

Hr > Hour

HRU > How Are You?

HW > Homework


IANAD > I Am Not A Doctor

IANAL > I Am Not A Lawyer

IC > I See

ICYMI > In Case You Missed It

IDC > I Don’t Care

IDK > I Don’t Know

ie > id est (That Is)

IG / Insta > Instagram

IIRC > If I Recall / Remember Correctly

IK > I Know

IKR > I Know Right?

IM > Instant Message

IMO > In My Opinion

IMHO > In My Honest / Humble Opinion

IRL > In Real Life

ITT > In This Thread

IYKWIM > If You Know What I Mean

JIT > Just In Time

JGI > Just Google It

JK > Just Kidding

K / Kk > Okay

L8r > Later

LBH > Let’s Be Honest

Lemme > Let me

LMK > Let Me Know

LOL > Laughing Out Loud

LPT > Life Pro Tip

Max > Maximum

MBN > Must Be Nice

MFW > My Face When

Min > Minute / Minimum

Mo >Month

Mod > Moderator

MRW > My Reaction When

Msg > Message

MTFBWY > May The Force Be With You (‘Star Wars‘)

MYOB > Mind Your Own Business

N/A > Not Available / Applicable

NB > Nota Bene (Note Well)

NBD > No Big Deal

NGL > Not Going to Lie

NIMBY > Not In My Backyard

Nite > Night

NP > No Problem

NSFL > Not Safe For Life

NTS > Note To Self

Nvm / NM > Never Mind

Obv > Obviously

OC > Original Content

Ofc > Of course

OG > Original

OIC > Oh I See

OMG > Oh My Goodness

OOC > Out Of Character

OP > Original Poster

Orly > Oh really?

PC > Personal Computer / Political Correctness

Pic > Picture

Pls / Plz > Please

PM > Private Message / Post Meridiem (after noontime)

POV > Point Of View

Ppl > People

Pro > Professional

PS > Post Script

QOTD > Quote Of The Day

R > Are

R&R > Rest and Relaxation / Recuperation / Recreation

RBTL > Read Between The Lines

RIP > Rest In Peace

Rite > Right

RN > Right Now

ROFL > Rolling On Floor Laughing

RSVP > Repondez S’il Vous Plait (Please Respond)

RT > Retweet

Sec > Second

SOL > So Out of Luck

SOS > Save Our Souls

SFW > Safe For Work

SMH > Shaking My Head

Srs > Serious

Srsly > Seriously

SU > Shut Up

Sux > Sucks

TBC > To Be Continued

TBD > To Be Determined

TBF > To Be Fair

TBH > To Be Honest

TBT > Throwback Thursday

TFW > That Feel When

TGIF > Thank Goodness It’s Friday

Thx / Thnx > Thanks

TIFU > Today I Fouled Up

TIL > Today I Learned

TLC > Tender Loving Care

TLDR > Too Long, Didn’t Read

TLTR > Too Long To Read

TMI > Too Much Information

TMW > That Moment When

TQ / TY > Thank You

TTYL > Talk To You Later

TTYS > Talk To You Soon

TYT > Take Your Time

TYVM > Thank You Very Much

U > You

UG2BKM / UGTBKM > You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

Uni > University

Ur > Your / You’re

VC > Voice Chat

VG > Very Good

VIP > Very Important Person

VM > Voice Mail

Wanna > Want to

Wat / Wut > What?

WBU > What About You?

WDYM > What Do You Mean?

Wk > Week

Wkd > Weekend

Wo > Without

WWYD > What Would You Do?

WYDRN > What are You Doing Right Now?

X-Post > Crosspost

Y > Why?

Y’all > You all

Ya > Yeah

Yarly > Yeah really

YFW > Your Face When

YMMV > Your Mileage May Vary

Yr > Year

YSK > You Should Know

YT > YouTube

YW > You’re Welcome

Zzz > Tired / Going to sleep

So, now you know the full forms of popular online texting terms. Don’t thank us. YW! For more digital help, contact us right away.

Using these acronyms and shorthand in client communication is ill-advised, as it makes you seem unprofessional. However, they can definitely be used for internal chat and PMs (you remember that one right?).

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