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Power Cut? Here are 5 Productive Activities to Do

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Without an electric supply, our business would likely come to a gridlock. However, the fact remains that we could encounter a power cut, power shortage, or voltage drop at any time. Here’s how you make productive use of that time.

The current power scenario in our country is a big tussle that needs to be carefully handled. Power cut and outages lead to an extra cost to the companies because the company often has to rely on alternative sources of energy, like rented or self-owned power generators. Hence, proper utilization of the time available is a must to ensure a reliable and uninterrupted production supply.

You should note that we at Opteamize are no strangers to a power cut either. The real question is if you were to experience a power outage at the workplace, how should you manage your time effectively?

5 Productive Things to Do During a Power Cut

You’ve almost finished that crucial report when boom! The power gets shut off. Everything is gone and now you have no idea what to do. Sound familiar?

This post should change all of that and help you take the power back. Let us take a look at few of the activities to turn things productive during an outage.

I – Meet

When you suffer a power cut, consider it a blessing in disguise. It’s certain that your office computers and internet won’t be working during a power cut. You should make use of this as an opportunity to hold team meetings as everyone will be available to engage in it.

You can finally get everyone together and make sure everyone is up to date. A power cut is surprisingly a good time to make sure everyone is on the same page. This will help to understand the job priorities, project scope effectively and also it will help in sharing knowledge with the team and its members.

Remember that cell phones aren’t affected so you can finally make that important client call as well.

II – Eat

Some people consider working for 14 hours a day continuously as a matter of pride. Many people skip their morning meals because they are busy at work. Skipping meals diminishes your energy and concentration levels, which is the prior reason behind your effective work hours getting lowered every time. Eat some healthy snacks like vegetables or crackers to keep your energy up.

It also leads to increased cravings for foods resulting in the consumption of more junk foods. So, utilize this power cut period smartly and get a bite to eat. You should never skip breakfast anyway, so be sure to eat something before you begin your day. This will eradicate further health issues.

III – Leisure

Nowadays creative people and innovators often need free time in order to recreate themselves. By taking time to relax, they can overcome the obstacles they meet and to address them from a different viewpoint.

This can be achieved if you’re having fun with your workmates around, or by going for a walk outside after a tiring work session. Instead of staying cooped up in the office during a power cut, talk a walk and clear your head.

A walk helps to clear the mind and your team will stay fresh. Use your efforts wisely and don’t forget to take a break when you feel that you’ve come to a point where you can’t proceed further. A walk may help you out even if there is power as well.

IV – Plan

It is always the best practice to record all daily activities in a notebook or online. This will keep you prepared for meeting targets. When facing a power cut, take out a notebook and capture the list of pending tasks to be executed.

Client meetings, weekly reports, new project projections, lead follow-ups, etc. are all things that need to be managed. Writing down a to-do list will allow you to have one thing less to worry about the next day. You can also have a clear forecast of your personal quality metrics.

V – Rest

A familiar delusion is that successful people work all day and night, non-stop. They don’t have time for entertainment or sport. So often, we think that not having any time to rest is a badge of pride that we wear proudly. Instead, we should think about getting enough quality sleep to re-energize, become happier and get more done.

The key to success is actually balancing work and other social activities, not working all the time. Also, not getting proper sleep is actually detrimental to health.

Use the power cut for some light rest or to take a power nap. It acts as a break will help you become re-energized when you wake up. Contrary to popular belief, naps will not ruin your business. Even big companies such as Google actually encourage employees to take short naps at work and they even have special nap pods built specifically for this purpose.

Other Activities When Facing a Power Cut

Aside from the activities listed, you can practice your speaking skills or get some light exercise in, depending on the scenario. If you are in upper management, hold group activities to build trust and boost morale among the team. If there’s enough light, you can read an educational book.

You can also indulge in a small walk or practice some basic stretches at your desk. Your neck, back, and posture all require regular movements to prevent them from going stiff. A power outage is probably an indication reminding you to jump off your chair and socialize in the open. It’s better for your health and well-being. Also, be sure to backup your files and save regularly so all that hard work isn’t wasted when the power goes out.

Improve Your Business With Opteamize

Those were 5 productive activities to do when your company faces a power cut. These tips will also help in case the internet goes down as well.

The above activities will not only strengthen your productivity but also promotes your company’s growth. When you learn to let go of lame excuses during a power cut, you will find that you can still accomplish tasks and get things done. 

If you are interested in improving your business, contact us.

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