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Privacy Policy


Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited, Chennai, India takes the protection of your personal data very seriously. The following policy statement informs you about which personal data we collect and how we process and use them.

In order to explain how we handle personal data, and to fulfill the relevant legal provisions concerning data protection, we present the following Privacy Policy. This policy applies to our mobile applications (apps) for smartphones and tablet PCs.


  • Scope of this Privacy Policy
  • Responsible party
  • Data collection upon downloading
  • Data collection by us
  • Access permissions for our Apps
  • Data analysis by Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited
  • Arivelm mobile app tracking
  • Facebook
  • Use of your data
  • Disclosure of data
  • Further notes on data protection
  • Deletion of data
  • Data security
  • Contact

1. Scope of this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all mobile applications (apps) offered under the responsibility of Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited.

Unless stated otherwise, solely this Privacy Policy regulates how Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited treats your personal data. In the event that you are using services of third parties, the policy of these third parties shall apply exclusively.

2. Responsible party

The “responsible party”, within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act, is: Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited, 20/3B Swamy Apartments, Virugambakkam, Chennai 600092.

If you have any questions about privacy, please contact You can use this address at any time to ask questions about data protection, to query which data are saved by Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited, or to have such edited or deleted. Alternatively, you can contact us by post at the above mailing address. Please submit, where possible, the name of the Course.

3. Data collection upon download

When you download the app, no information is actively transmitted by us to the respective app store (Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon, Windows, etc.). If you want to know which data are collected and processed by the respective app store as part of a download, please inform yourself about their privacy policy. We have no influence on possible data collection by the stores.

4. Data collection by us

We only use information about you to the extent that this is necessary for downloading the app to your device. If necessary, we collect information from whichever source (banners, store, etc.) you used to download the app.

In order to use our app, we create a username and a password for you and present this information on your mobile device. This individualized access is necessary to connect to our content servers. The data will be created automatically by our system and can be customized by you later with an e-mail address and password of your choosing. Alternatively, you can use an existing user account for the app.

In addition, we collect information from you in order to fulfill the user contract concluded with you. To this end, in addition to monitoring compliance with the conditions of use and Content, we monitor in particular the proper handling of any payment order you have initiated.

If you register within our apps or subscribe to our newsletter, it is necessary for you to provide personal data. In many cases, use of Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited services is possible using a pseudonym. Users are encouraged to make use of this possibility.

For statistical purposes, your mobile device and its associated operating system are recorded by us. Beyond the purposes of pursuing unauthorized use of our services, we analyze this data only for statistical and service development. To the fullest extent possible, the information is anonymized.

5. Access permissions for our apps

Our apps require different access permissions on your device. These are required to guarantee the certain functionality of our apps. If you want, for example, to create a profile picture from within the app, we need access to your camera or photo album. If you want to buy additional content through the app, we may need access to the necessary interface to your app store account. Another example is so-called “push notifications”, in which we can use an interface to display a message directly on your end device.

The access permissions on your mobile device are dependent on the operating system (e.g. Android, iOS, etc.) and the store where the app was purchased (e.g. Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Amazon, etc.). You generally receive information on which access permissions are required by our apps prior to installation.

In Apple iOS, see “Settings” at any time for an overview of what content our apps can access. You can restrict these access permissions at a later time.

In Android, various access permissions are also needed on your mobile device. Under “Settings / Apps”, you can review the access permissions of our apps.

6. Data analysis by Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited

We also perform analyses on the behavior of users of our services, in order to derive approaches for service optimization. These evaluations are conducted with a pseudonym, in accordance with the Indian Internet Laws i.e. the username and other identifying characteristics are replaced by a random character for the purpose, making the determination of a specific natural person impossible or significantly more difficult.

Within our apps, we do not use any proprietary marketing or advertising cookies. Instead, we use cookies on your device that can store your username and the current Contents settings in a text file. These cookies are necessary for the provision of our apps.

7. Arivelm Mobile App Tracking

Our app is analyzed with technologies of Arivelm, Chennai, India. To this end, various session and interaction data from you are collected and stored. We need this information to improve the content and usability of our Contents and to optimize the user experience for you. The session and interaction data are at no time processed in personalized form, rather under a pseudonym.

8. Facebook

Facebook SDK: Within our app, we use the Software Development Kit (SDK) from Facebook. The Facebook SDK is issued and administered by Facebook Inc, 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304, USA. By means of this integration, we can link various Facebook services with our app. For example, users can use the Facebook SDK to share contents of our apps on their own Facebook timeline or to send messages to other Facebook users. Further information about Facebook SDK within iOS can be found here: . For Android, please refer.

Facebook Login via the SDK: In order to use Facebook services within our apps, you will need to first use Facebook Login to connect with Facebook. This requires that you have an existing Facebook account or that you create a Facebook account. If you want to use your Facebook account to log in to our services, you will be guided directly in the first step to Facebook, where Facebook will ask you to sign in or register. In no event will we learn your personal login information (username and password). In a second step, you can link your Facebook profile with each service you want to register to use. You will then receive a separate notice detailing which data is transferred to us from your Facebook profile. This generally includes your “public information” on Facebook and anything you make public or make accessible to the respective application. This generally includes your name, your profile and cover picture, your gender, your networks, your username (Facebook URL) and your user identifier (Facebook ID). In order to communicate with you without going through Facebook, we also use the e-mail address you have registered with Facebook.

You can check and modify the status of your connection to Facebook and the respective access privileges of our apps at any time under your Facebook profile settings. Here, you will also find an overview of which information in your profile is public. If you want to cancel the connection between Facebook and our apps, please log in to Facebook and make the necessary changes in your profile settings. We will then no longer be able to access information from your Facebook profile in order to serve you.

Facebook App Events: We use the Facebook SDK service called “Facebook App Events” to evaluate the reach of our advertising campaigns and use of Facebook SDK. Facebook merely provides us with an aggregated analysis of user behavior with our app. We also have no influence on the information that will be processed by Facebook App Events.

In our app settings, you can opt out of using App Events for the given purposes.

9. Use of your data

We use your personal information as needed in order to design and continually improve our services.

We also use your personal information for establishing, implementing and managing your user relationship with Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited and processing payments.

In addition, we use your information to communicate with you. This includes that we will, where appropriate, inform about news in our services via e-mail. We may use your data to keep you regularly informed about products, services and certain events from our range of services that might be of interest to you. In any such communication, you will find a link labeled ‘To unsubscribe from future e-mails for this Content account, please click here’. By clicking on ‘here’, you will receive no further information relating to the respective Content account.

Finally, we use your data in order to protect our web pages and to trace unauthorized access.

10. Disclosure of data

Of course, your personal data will not be sold to third parties. Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited submits personal data received from you to third parties exclusively to the following extent:

We work together with payment providers (e.g. credit card companies, banks, Payu, mobile services, debt collection agencies, etc.), service providers that prepare and compile statistical data, IT service providers (e.g. data centers, hosts, backup services, database services) together. These service providers only have access to your personal data to the extent necessary to fulfill their tasks. These service providers are obliged to treat your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and the relevant data protection laws.

In the event that Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited, any companies owned by Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited, individual subsidiary/affiliated companies or parts of companies are sold, your customer information will generally be passed on with the transmitted part of the company. Your data is of course also subject – in such case – to this Privacy Policy and the relevant data protection laws.

11. Further notes on data protection

Please note that all information voluntarily published by you (e.g. in chat areas, on forums, in comments or by e-mail) can be collected and used by others.

For reasons of own liability, we reserve the right to check these contents. Furthermore, we strive to test for and prevent fraud (e.g. illegal Content-fixing at the expense of Opteamize) by means of independent testing and prevention measures.

12. Deletion

You have to have the option to delete your player account through us. Please note that a deleted account cannot be restored. If you wish permanent deletion of your accounts from our Content server, please inform us at:

13. Data security

We process information collected from you according to Indian data protection laws. All employees are obliged to maintain data confidentiality and privacy practices and are trained in this regard.

14. Contact

Opteamize Cloud Solutions Private Limited
20/3B Swamy Apartments, Ganpatrajnagar Main Road
Virugambakkam, Chennai 600092
Status: December 2015

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