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Our Review of the Freshsales CRM

Opteamize had a chance to review the Freshsales CRM by Freshdesk. Here are our thoughts. 

You may be familiar with Freshdesk, a cloud-based customer support software that lets companies support customers through various channels. Last month (June 22nd, 2016 to be precise), Freshdesk released a new product called Freshsales. You can read their blog post on why they built Freshsales for more. 

Opteamize had a chance to meet with the Freshsales team as part of our interview with Softwarehunt. This meeting stoked our interest to go deeper and take a closer look at the product.

freshsales logo

What is Freshsales?

Freshsales is a full-fledged customer relationship management (CRM) software made for high-velocity sales teams. It has many features such as:

  • Lead management
  • Integrated phone and email
  • Contact management
  • User behavior tracking
  • Sales force automation
  • Lead scoring
  • Deal pipeline management
  • Reporting, and much more.

Freshsales Features and Functionalities

Freshsales is equipped with features that help sales teams have quick context and effectively communicate from within the CRM and close deals faster. Our content creator and digital marketer Sriniketh Srinath signed up for a free trial. He gave his points along with some of our other members. Here is a breakdown of Freshsales. 


Navbar freshsales

There is a navbar at the top of the page which contains many tools. From left to right, these are:

  • Search Tool

The user can search for leads, accounts, contacts, or deals from here, enabling them to quickly find what they are looking for.  

  • Feedback Button

This is for giving feedback about the CRM and email any doubts or problems to resolve.

  • Additions

additions freshsales






The user can add leads, contacts, accounts, deals, tasks, appointments, or call logs. There are a wide variety of details the user can fill in such as industry, job title, social media profiles, email, business type (competitor, prospect, analyst, partner, etc.), phone number, company address, and leads stage.

  • Mailing Tool

The user can integrate all their emails into one mail. They can also send a mail directly from the CRM, again reducing the time spent switching between tools.

  • Notification & Profile Settings

The two rightmost circles on the top menu display the notifications and allow you to access your profile. You can get notified of activities and updates of your choice. The other button allows you to edit your profile as you like.  

Freshsales Filter Menu

Filter freshsales

There are filters on the right of all the pages. With these filters, searching becomes very simple.

The user can make use of the filter to sort by time of creation, update time, lead stage, lead score, time of contact, mode of contact, source, and much more.

The person can also add more filters as they see fit. For people who store many contacts in their CRM, this tool is a major boon.

Subpages in the Left Sidebar of Freshsales

Now for the most important feature. There is a sidebar on the left that conveniently displays the subpages: Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Deals, Conversations, and Appointments & Tasks.


leads freshsales

The Leads page is the first page you will see as it is set as the home page by default. Here, the user can find out the leads most likely to close.

This is done through a lead score, which is calculated based on customizable parameters that the user sets up. With this, you can decide which prospects you should go after and which ones you might need a longer sales cycle. You can also import existing leads, contacts, accounts, etc. from a CSV file into the CRM.


contacts freshsales

contacts info freshsales

On this page, you can view all your contacts. Click on the contact and get all the information related to that specific person such as phone number and email.

Freshsales also automatically pulls social profile from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. This way, you do not have to waste time searching for information.  


accounts freshsales

On the accounts page, you can view all the accounts and the contacts related to the accounts. One thing that makes Freshsales so great is that there is more than one way to access something.

Thanks to interconnectivity, the user is given a lot of flexibility regarding what they want to do. It starts with the basics and the user can customize as information increases and become more complex.


Deals freshsales

The deals are sorted into many stages: New, Follow-up, Under review, Demo, Negotiation, Won, and Lost.

This makes it easy to keep track of deals as they move from one stage to another. Freshsales also has a mobile app, allowing you to make deals and sales on the go.  


Conversations freshsales

In the conversations page, you can view your emails in a direct manner. Freshsales almost seamlessly integration the emails so you don’t have to switch between sites to view your mail.

Phone numbers are also integrated, so you can keep track of all the client details without having to enter each one.

Appointments & Tasks

You can create any important tasks to complete and add them to the appointments. This way, you clearly know what you need to do and when you have to do it.

Reports, Admin Settings, & Help Page

Three other pages are the Reports page, Admin Settings page, and the Help page.

With reports, you can view the lead funnels, sales pipeline, and deal funnels. You can access the administrative settings from the Settings page. From here, you can customize the CRM to suit your requirements.

If you need any help or assistance with Freshsales, you can view the frequently asked questions on the help page. Freshsales offers helpful support on many topics, complete with pictures. If our doubt still isn’t clarified, you can mail them using the Feedback tool.

mail freshsales

Freshsales also sends you a mail reminding you of pending tasks on the CRM. This helps you keep track of what you have to do.  

Final Words on Freshsales

All in all, Freshsales is a very neat and clean CRM, showing you only what is necessary. Anything that doesn’t matter is discarded. Compared to other CRMs, the interface is uncluttered so the user can easily access whatever is necessary.

There aren’t many downsides aside from more integration capabilities. Freshsales is an easy to use software focusing on the things that matter. This makes it a strong contender to be the CRM of your choice.

It is highly recommended that you try out the free option for a month and see how it goes. Chances are that once you start using Freshsales, you won’t want to go back.

Try it for free for 30 days!

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Update: Remember that interview we mentioned at the beginning of this post? Well, the full transcript of our interview with Mr. Vikram Seth of Softwarehunt is available in the October 2016 edition of our Tech {AI} Magazine. You can read a preview of it (Volume 01, Issue 03) if you wish.

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