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Free SEO Site Audit Checkup

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Get Free SEO Audit for Your Website

You can analyze your website with the site checkup tool. Just type in the name of your website, the keyword you want to analyze, and enter your email. The tool will examine your website and email out a comprehensive report regarding the elements of your website that need to be fixed. Take a look at this sample report:



The report will reveal problems and the issues that will prevent your website from getting on the front page of Google's search results.

The thorough SEO audit should highlight any mistakes that you are doing. Don't be surprised as we can help fix your website.

SEO Services from Opteamize

Everybody aims to achieve certain goals with their website, such as:

  • Rise in search rankings
  • Increase website traffic (site visitors)
  • Generate more leads

You want to make your website the best it can possibly be so it appears in the top results of a search engine. What you are looking for is search engine optimization (SEO).

Your company has these goals in mind, but how do you plan on succeeding? This is where Opteamize comes in.

Digital Marketing through SEO is our strength. We have excellent SEO services which focus on the technical aspects of SEO. We place a lot of emphasis on keywords and high-quality content for both blog page and landing pages.

Content-Driven SEO

You need to add good quality relevant content with sufficient information. Be sure to include the important keywords within your content. Make sure that your content is readable to the average person and remember that it must be satisfactory for Google's crawling bots as well.

If you manage to follow certain rules and deliver proper content that the user is looking for, your website will be listed higher in the Google search rankings. For more information, take a look at the SEO services that we offer.

Opteamize AI Chatbot 

Opteamize has been busy developing an AI chatbot based on artificial intelligence. The bot will greet the site visitors and imitate the way they speak, allowing people to have a virtual conversation with a bot.

Through machine learning, the bot can converse with users in real-time. Consequently, you can collect information about them such as contact details. Users can also file complaints, resolve problems, or find the services they require.

Aside from holding a conversation with the user which increases the time spent on your site, the chatbots can perform basic tasks. People can use the bot to buy tickets, book reservations, or purchase products depending on what type of website you run.

With natural-language processing, the bot is trained to recognize what the person is saying and act accordingly. It is essentially nothing more than translating the user's input into the necessary output value.





AI Chatbot Free for One Month

The chatbot is a learning robot and a relatively new concept for Indian websites. However, thanks to advancements in technology and AI, they have seen a surge in usage on messaging apps. You may even use it for your own Facebook page.

Now, Opteamize hopes to deliver the next generation of chatbot right to you and implement it directly on your website.

You can try a demo of our AI chatbot absolutely free for one month. We operate on a first come, first serve basis, so don't delay. If you want to apply a chatbot to your website at no cost, contact us immediately.

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