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Social Media Marketing Services

Why is Social Media Marketing Important?

Having active social media pages with insightful and reliable information creates a favorable public opinion of your brand and products. Owning a few social media sites with decent followers is not enough for business. You have to take the time to update the multiple social media sites or post new content, answer queries of your followers/subscribers and so on. This becomes a difficult task especially when you have many mediums/channels and followers. This is where social media marketing enters the fray

Social Media marketing is a cost-effective way of branding and launching your products. You can effortlessly connect with different demographics through social media and target with quick ads. It connects you with your customers and also generates leads. Our social media marketing strategy will help retain your existing customers and reach your prospects.

Our expert marketing team manages various social media sites efficiently using our own tools and other 3rd party tools.


How Social Media Marketing Boosts Your Business

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube. These are all websites that you know about, but are you using them in the proper manner?

Social media is a great way of reaching out to the target audience and an easy way to build your brand.

Social media marketing is not just some fad that will pass in one or two years. It has cemented its place as an effective way to market your goods and services. Social media is great for improving brand recognition. It also costs less than traditional marketing and you are able to reach a wider range of people.  

Your social media channels should have this content readily available for clients when they browse the web, through their computer or phone. Therefore, it is absolutely important to create quality and relevant content targeted towards your prospective clients.

Social media marketing is another weapon in your arsenal that you should take advantage of. Ignoring it will only cause you to lose out.

What Social Media Marketing Services Does Opteamize Offer?

Opteamize offers two kinds of Social Media Marketing services:

1. Managing Your Social Media Accounts

Opteamize performs Social Media Optimization and Social Media Account Management. Our organic marketing strategy for Social Media includes creating the right posts for the right channels and distributing it to your communities and target audience. We can manage your social media accounts, which typically consists of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We can also manage YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, and other social accounts if necessary. If video post or channel, the videos are to be provided by client.

Social Media Optimization and Management involves complete management of social media accounts, including logo, banner images, descriptions, locations, links, tags, title, etc. We can create custom designs and content for your social channels keeping in mind the varying dimensions and character limits of each page. Of course, this also involves updating with a specific number of posts every month. This is purely organic social media management.

We usually upload anywhere from 8 - 12 posts a month on every channel. Boosting for posts or pages (typically done on Facebook) is extra. Videos can be posted directly or uploaded YouTube and published, distributed, or shared on various social channels.

As a part of Social Media Account Management, we create extraordinary content with catchy captions for your social media pages that exceed your expectation and reach every prospect, along with special custom hashtags and hashtags designed to maximize reach. Opteamize reviews the appropriate social media channels and recommends the right approach for distribution. We also post high quality and relevant curated content found on other sites on social media through our scheduling tool.

Opteamize can optimize your social account to improve your brand, increase your socila standing, and even generate leads through social media. We can conduct a social media audit and send you a special report for free. Contact us now if interested.

2. Running your Social Media Campaigns

Opteamize will run targeted social media campaigns (budgeted separately) to improve your lead generation. Using its advanced targeting methods we can reach the audience who are interested in your products. We can run ads with images, GIFs, and text on channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and more. We will manage all aspects of the social media ad campaign from concept to closure.

Facebook is a great advertising platform. Since Facebook dominates the social media marketing channels, Opteamize experts mainly focus on targeting the Facebook audience with smartly crafted Facebook ads. Facebook has several demographic targeting options such as age, education, and location which are particularly useful for us. Jewelers and restaurants might opt for Instagram Ads as well. 

LinkedIn is another option and it works great for B2B. It is costlier than other channels, but also has a higher probability of generating leads. LinkedIn lets you connect to a professional network and get purified leads who are interested in your company's products and services.

You can run targeted email (InMail) campaigns aimed at a filtered group, similar to Facebook. Similar to email marketing, We can help you craft a LinkedIn mail that hits all the right points. You can also run sponsored content, text ads, and dynamic ads on LinkedIn.

Event marketing ads on social media are another service we provide, so if you have an event coming up, we can drum up publicity for it.

Through micro-targeting the audience on the basis of online behavior, interests, and job titles, we ensure better ROI on the marketing expense. Opteamize can run your ad campaigns both on a fixed campaign cost model or percentage per campaign basis. Start generating leads through social media now.


“Social media is about connecting with customers in a meaningful way – a way the customer determines is meaningful.” – Duane Forrester, Senior Product Manager, Bing

Advantages of Social Media

With social media, you can actually respond to customer complaints and offer updates on what is happening in your company or your industry. Social media postings and campaigns can help your site gain traction by driving traffic to it. While it is unclear how much ‘likes’ will improve your SEO juice, at the very least it means that some people will visit your site, increasing dwell-time.

Don’t shy away from promoting what you do on your social media channels. You can share blog posts, product updates, testimonials, or the addition of new team members. You can even create special posts for holidays like Diwali or New Year’s Day. Offers and discounts can also be shown. The more good content there is about you on the internet, the better. They breathe new life into your pages and divert from the regular old business posts.

Social media posts should primarily be used to engage with your customers and to update them on your company, not to advertise your products and services all day every day. That is what social media ads and Google ads are for. If you find an interesting quote, Tweet it. Plus, updating frequently proves that your company isn’t dead, so that’s good.

Social Media for Mobile

In the current age of internet on mobile, clients do a lot of research about the options available. They search many terms related to your business. Search terms are much shorter on mobile as well, so keep this in mind.

While people may be patient enough to read a wall of text or watch a long video on their browser or tablet, the same will not hold true for smartphones.

An increasing number of users are using their mobiles to browse Facebook and Twitter. Thus, you should also make sure your ads and campaigns look good on mobile. Don’t just assume that a post that appears nice on a web browser will be the same for mobile users.

Social Media Ad Responsibilities

Opteamize can also run targeted campaigns (budgeted separately), if required to improve your social signal response. Following are responsibilities of the Client and Opteamize with regard to the social media ad campaign.

Opteamize is responsible for:

  • Devising the strategy
  • Designing the image and content
  • Campaign execution
  • Informing client of leads
  • Analysis and reporting

The Client is responsible for:

  • Ad approval
  • Setting the budget
  • Answering any queries
  • Closing any leads

Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing from Opteamize

Opteamize is well informed about current social media trends. We can ensure that good quality content keeps flowing into the social pages of our clients. We already manage social media pages and run paid social ads for many of our clients. We also run Google Ads as well, so take a look at our Search Engine Marketing services for more on that. Additionally, you can generate leads through our Facebook Messenger Chatbot services.

The Opteamize social media specialists are experts at maximizing the avenues of social media. Every account needs to be utilized in a different manner and our team knows just how to do that. 

Rest easy. Your social media pages are in good hands with Opteamize. Get the most out of your social media marketing channels and run affordable ad campaigns. Contact us right now to get started on social media marketing.  

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