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Top 10 Digital Marketing Tips For Retail Jewelers

Here are ten digital marketing tips that every retail jeweler should follow.

10 Retail Jeweler Marketing Tips

The ten tips related to digital marketing that all retail jewelers should follow are:


                Add dazzling images & language translator as a magnet to pull customer into stores.


               Use a combination of posts and campaigns to boost your brand.

Image / Instagram:

             Use real models, authentic jewelry, and high-resolution photos.

Video / YouTube:

            Get customer testimonials as video and uploads to YouTube.


           Target keywords to promote your high-value ornaments and designs.


           Target both existing (store opening) and new customers (offers).


          Get genuine feedback through text and videos and post on social media or website.

Coupons and Offers:

          Partner with couponing, promotional, and cashback sites.


          Offer quick and easy online ordering or payment options.


          Track online visitors using Google Analytics & Facebook Insights.

Those were the 10 digital marketing tips for retail jewelers.

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Update: We teamed up with our client and wrote a blog post on their site about Top 10 Ways to Market Jewelry Online.

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