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Top 5 Helpful Tools For Content Writers

Many people have started writing and taken a stab at it, but only a few realize the importance of editing. Apart from writing, content writers should also know to make their work attractive.

Here’s a special post on Independence Day for all those independent writers. Below is a list of top five tools related to writing and editing which can be used to refine one’s writing so you can churn out appealing content

Top Five Tools for Content Writing

Here are the top five helpful tools for content writers. We will discuss the pros and cons of each tool as well. 

1) Expresso-app

Expresso is a practical tool used to analyze, edit and compare writing styles for your work.  After copy/pasting your text, click “Analyze Text” Button on the right.

A table with different metrics appears on the right side. You can highlight the occurrences of most metrics in the text by clicking on the blue underlined links in the tables. You can select several of them at a time and find the unexpected metrics then change it.


  1. User- friendly.
  2. The app is colorful, each mistake is represented by different colors.
  3. Suitable synonyms are shown.


  1. Readability and Grammar analysis can be improved.

2) Hemingway-app

The second of the top five tools it Hemingway App. This is a good one for content writers and helps cut down long run-on sentences. It helps in making your writing bold and crisp. It grades your writing based on the readability index.


  1. It highlights sentences that are difficult to read.
  2. It also analyzes the readability of the text.


  1. Sometimes the pasted texts are jumbled up, but the tool resolves the format within few minutes.

3) Grammarly

At number three in the top five tools is Grammarly, which many of you may have heard of. Grammarly is an automated tool that spots grammatical mistakes instantly and makes it easy to fix them.

This app is specially designed for improvement of grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You absolutely need to use Grammarly as a content writer. 


  1. You can fix the error just by clicking on the suggestion.
  2. It is one of the best online tools and is completely free.


  1. Registration is mandatory.

4) Pro Writing Aid

ProWritingAid is a must-have tool for content writers. This tool summarizes the updated content on most of the writing metrics. 


  1. It highlights every error.
  2. Targets sticky sentences.
  3. Combo choice is available which gives a detailed analysis with one click.


  1. The Readability Tool does not give accurate results.
  2. It also has plagiarism checker but this is limited to the premium version.

This tool used to be really good and deserved a spot on the top five tools. Unfortunately, it has now decreased in value. 

5) Paper Rater

Now, we come to the last of the top five tools, PaperRater. I highly recommend this tool for beginners. You surely need this tool as it helps fix a lot of common writing mistakes. This tool has an auto-grading system which helps you track your progress.


  1. User- friendly.
  2. Paperrater also offers a plagiarism tool.
  3. Grades your content.


  1. It doesn’t allow to make changes directly in the uploaded document.
  2. Some features are accessible by premium users only.

Opteamize for Content

Those were the top five tools for content writers. Some of them help you avoid the Six Terrible Writing Mistakes. If you need a more general list which includes tools for social media, email marketing, and SEO, check out our post of Tools Used by Startups.

To learn about more helpful content writing tools check Business Blogging for Beginners: Six Steps to Success by Srinath Ranga, the Director at Opteamize.

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