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VTC – Time to Think About Value To Company (VTC) Over CTC!

We urge you to think more on the terms of an employee’s value to the company (VTC) as opposed to their cost to company (CTC).

While researching on our team selection and optimization product ‘opTEAMize’, one element that constantly jumped out was the need to understand the motives for an employee to join a company, subsequently quit, or remain in the company.

Admittedly, this impacts the recruiting and retention strategies that companies adopt. The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) or Employer Value Proposition as some may deem it to be, lacks substance in many companies and is often a lazy attachment to the job offer letter or compensation statement negotiation discussions.

EVP has a lot of parts to it which we will break down now.

Critical EVP Elements

Critical elements of the EVP are usually the following:


1.Salary (Cost to Company – a)

  • Base Salary
  • Commission
  • Incentives
  • Bonus
2.Perks (Cost to the company – b)

  • Health Insurance
  • Pension
  • Retirement fund
  • Other benefits

Work Content

icon-arrow Challenge
icon-arrow Variety
icon-arrow Independence
icon-arrow Meaningful & fulfilling
icon-arrow Practical guidance
icon-arrow Personal growth
icon-arrow Advancement
icon-arrow Training
icon-arrow Mentoring
icon-arrow Job security

Association & Affiliation

icon-arrow Commitment to Organization
icon-arrow Commitment to team
icon-arrow Safe, secure, and comfortable work environment
icon-arrow Trustworthy boss & colleagues
icon-arrow Hometown, college, etc.

The CTC focuses solely on the compensation element in the EVP and can differ greatly even between two similar companies due to the nature of the tax breaks availed and non-payroll allowances given.

Opteamize and VTC

At opTEAMize, we have started working on a concept called Value to Company (VTC) which extends beyond the Cost to Company (CTC) calculations currently in use by many companies, particularly in India.

In our optiSKILL product, we plan to incorporate the VTC wherein companies using our solutions and services can be able to put a value on their employees beyond just the CTC and/or titles. Be sure to contact us for more information regarding our products and services.

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