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To say that your website is a critical aspect of your company would be an understatement.  A website is like an extension of your company. In this day and age, it is difficult for a business to function without a website. If a company doesn’t have information online, it doesn’t exist. It is comparable to a chicken without a head. This is why website development services are a requirement. 

Building the website is not the end, it is the beginning of your outreach efforts on the web.

How are Website and SEO Connected?

Your website should also be easy to navigate, load quickly, and have information readily available for when someone searches for it. When people Google for information, good search engine optimization (SEO) makes it possible for them to reach your website and the goods and/ or services you provide. This is why SEO should be a critical factor while choosing the technology and design of your website.

Choosing a reliable website development services provider is extremely important. Opteamize has great expertise in increasing the visibility of clients' websites among the targeted audience. We create new content, revamp your existing web content and optimize it creating a great web presence and increasing credibility of your brand. Thus your prospects can be prevented from using your competitor’s products and services. 

Aside from building you a brand new site from scratch through our website development services, we can also improve and enhance your existing website.

What are the Various Website Enhancement Services Opteamize Offers?

Website Audit and Assessment

The website audit will be comprehensive at project start and then monthly if required.

website assesment1
website assesment2

Website Performance Improvement

Opteamize considers relevant elements of usability, accessibility, and UX when auditing websites and will recommend and/or take action to fix issues with your website and landing pages focusing on:

  • Speed/Performance
  • Security
  • UI/UX
  • Mobile

We can also help migrate your website from HTTP to HTTPS. Our website experts can also perform a website cleanup which involves removing unwanted content or pages, checking and fixing broken links, installing or deleting plugins, and overall enhancement of the website. Take a look at our website portfolio for a sample of client websites we have worked with.

New Website Development Process

The following is a basic overview of our process for new website development services:

  • Technology selection [We recommend WordPress]
  • Website page planning [Focus on landing pages]
  • Receive approval with the lockdown of features [We know you have some competition in mind]
  • Theme setup and WordPress installation 
  • Build the website - Add functionality and features as desired [ Takes 1 to 2 weeks]
  • Add relevant content to landing pages
  • Add forms and Google maps 
  • Customization and testing [Additional time for customization]
  • Blog, Plugins, and Social integration
  • Install security safeguards for the site (HTTPS, Spam, Password, Firewall)
  • Test the site in major web browsers and mobile
  • Launch the website and go live

Together with the basic pages (Home, About Us, Contact Us), we offer 10 landing pages for the client's products and services. Additional pages can be added as and when required. The default pages and the number of pages vary based on the client, industry, type of website, etc.

The client may choose to give us images and content to add to the site. We also provide our own content if required.


Choose Opteamize for Website Development

We want to build you a great quality site that draws in visitors and gets you leads, hopefully leading to an increase in revenue. We have built and managed websites for many clients of various fields. Contact us now to receive the most wonderful web development services that Chennai has to offer.

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