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Not Getting Results from Digital Marketing?

  • Inadequate Budget
  • Unrealistic Expectations
  • No in-house expertise
  • No sustained efforts
  • Inability to form coherent strategy

If you have been burnt spending too much or unable to trust another digital marketing agency, give our Expert Digital Consultant Srinath Rangaswamy a call at 90031 13436.


A Sample List of Consulting Projects we have worked on:

  • Competitor Landscape Analysis: Comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape and identification of key competitors to inform the client’s competitive positioning.
    • For a SaaS Review Management Company in the UK.
  • Strategic Market Research: Researching and analyzing competitors’ marketing strategies to identify areas for improvement and develop a winning marketing strategy for the client’s company.
    • For a IT Solutions Company in India.
  • Ongoing Progress Monitoring: Regular monitoring of competitor websites and social media accounts to track their progress, identify new opportunities, and make informed strategic decisions for the client’s company.
    • Developed a Tool to track the SEO Project Optimization Status for a Digital Marketing Agency in India.
  • Target Customer Validation: Validating the target customer for the client’s solutions & software products within the client’s domains and streams to ensure effective targeting and messaging.
    • For a Medical Coding Company in India.
  • Search Optimization Strategy: Developing an SEO strategy targeting relevant keywords and phrases on the client’s website to enhance visibility and attract the target customers.
    • For a Leading Jewellery Brand in India.
  • Customized Content Plan: Creating a tailored content strategy that addresses the target customer’s pain points, offers informative content, and positions the client’s company as a trusted partner and acknowledged expert in the chosen domains.
    • For a Maintenance Software Company in India.


What do others have to say about us?

Srinath and team are the most knowledgeable team focused on Google 's local biz offerings. U must take benefit of their expertise, to grow ur biz
Retail Gurukul -Consulting & Training company, Bengaluru
Srinath was well-organized and demonstrated a good understanding of MES system functionality and requirements. His leadership on the project helped us to reach the correct business decision for our plant.
Robert D. Borchelt, Ph.D.
Director, Manufacturing IT Systems and Industrial Controls Corporate Manufacturing Cummins Inc. Columbus, Indiana
Please allow me the opportunity to recommend Srinath Ranga. Srinath demonstrated excellent communication skills between all parties involved in each financial transaction with consistent professionalism. I recommend Srinath Ranga without reservation.
Louise A. Jennings
President, AMSTAT Capital, Florida
I found Srinath to be highly intelligent and competent. He was very engaged in our joint projects where he demonstrated organization, leadership, and reliable performance. He brought a high level of energy and many good ideas. And, most important to me, he was very personable and easy to work with.
Larry W. Mobley, P.E.
Oracle Corporation, Redwood City, California
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